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Performed by Britney Spears

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WOW | Reviewer: Brittany | 11/4/07

im not that only 13 and i have everysingle one of britneys albums...i actually look up to her as a role model..she has gone through alot. im actually suprised that she hasnt hurt huself. i mean if it was me i dont kno what i would have done. i think people just need to let her be. she has 2 kids now and although she has been ding some inapproapiate things i highly doubt that her kids would wanna see all of it. her music career seems to be comming backk into track and i think all of her fans will be very pleased.

xoxo brit

skjsds<3333 | Reviewer: Hannah | 11/3/07

I think Britney is absolutely amazing, and my mom and i have prayed for her a lot lately, and i'm so glad, those prayers are finally being answered. Britney is definitely getting back on track, and her new album is proof of that. i think she has done an amazing job with her new CD. I'm constantly listening to it. i am right now. haha.
Watch out biotches, Britney's back:)

support the pop idol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

i know that britney hasnt exactly been the best role model like she used to be.. but everyone can go down the wrong track, especially being a celebrity and always been harrassed and in the spot light. she is reacting to this in not the best way and almost lapping up the attention and its making her act even more irresponsibly. i mean she lost her children.. and her husband definately doesnt deserve to raise them. even though britney isnt the same pop idol as she was for fans around the world years ago. she still needs support and respect and i think her new album is good seeing what has been happening lately. go brit!

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