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Performed by Britney Spears

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To "Reap What You Sew" | Reviewer: Rae Revenge | 4/15/08

Rofl so hard at your response.
If you're wondering what your next meal is going to be, unless you were born into poverty or live in a third world country, it is most likely your own fault.
She makes alot of money through what she's built herself. Maybe you should actually listen to what you're really saying.

Pisses Off | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

Britney is just a normal person, of course she'll get angry sometimes, but the papparazzi make her even more angry and then exaggerate everything! God I think everyone needs to get the fuck out of her life's business and concentrate on fucking their own lifes up and not everyone else!

No, For Real. | Reviewer: Sasha | 3/24/08

Wow, what insight you all have! Since you've all met her, and know exactly what in the media is exagerated and what is fact. Wow, what educated conclusions you have come to! Please, note the sarcasm. Britany Spears is human. Humans make mistakes. Her life is no one else's business. This song proves that she is not crazy. It shows that she knows the presumptious opinions the public has formed about her. I'm sixteen and smart enough to know to mind my own business. But a lot of you out there need to grow up!

mmm... | Reviewer: j k | 3/20/08

hei dis is a fantastic song! i listen to rock n death metal guys but...her crying out loud in dis song jus gav me attention...i think the world has jus to leave her alone!non of yor goddamn business !judge not others for ye shall be judge yorself the same way u judge them!

Reap What You Sew | Reviewer: Michael Argo | 3/18/08

When a high profile personality like Brit starts crying about getting too much attention it really makes me laugh. Poor little friggin multi millionaire. She makes me want to puke. All she has to do is show up and shake her money maker and she gets bank. There are people all over the world that struggle to make it week to week, and many people that don't even know where their next meal is going to come from, and we're expected to give a flying flip about this trash (or any other "star"). Grow up, get a real job (even for a week at 8 hours a day)so that you'll know what REAL people have to do to put food on their table and mayby you won't cry so much rich little ****.

Brit Power | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

The Media in the form of Talk shows, Paparazzi, radio shows, magazines etc have sunk to a new low. Its like they wont stop until they see blood. I wish Brit the Best. I am not a Brit Fan but when I heard this song I applauded. The song pokes fun at the forms of media who exaggerates, pokes fun, lies and harass celebrities. Quite Frankly I dont see why Brit didnt perform this @ the VMA. Give them something to talk about. The sad truth is that they probably wouldnt even recognise that the song pokes fun at them

Leave her alone | Reviewer: sarzzzz | 3/7/08

Tbh brit was pushed onto the music scene at 17 by her mother and since then shes been followed by the papers,recording every flippin move she makes,No bloody wonder shes not all there atm.Shes just lots her kids for heavens sake & no matter what the papers say she obviously loves those kids to bit otherwise she wouldn't bother fighting for them. i reckon everyone should just get off her back and let her get on with whatever she wnats to do now.X

AWW | Reviewer: Diamond 4K4 CUPC4k3 | 2/26/08

Poor Britney she knows wat shes doing she jus wont stop cuz of ppl they wont leave her alone i wud go crazy too if i was messesd wit literly 24/7 it jus dont make no sense but anyway I really lyk dis song.......hold on brit i have faith in u

it's not the media's fault | Reviewer: never mind | 2/26/08

i think britney has seeked all the attention herself. i mean, come on! she's in the news practically every week for some outrageous thing or the other!that whole kevin federline business about how he was afraid that she'd poison his kids when she was drunk was totally her fault. all she needs to do is to lie low and act normal, for heaven's sake.

<...> | Reviewer: sumwun | 2/17/08

okay i don't listen to britney but when "piece of me" came on mtv i had to admit it sounded pretty good =) i still think that the video was a bit too glam and "dressed up" for a singer whos beggin ppl to leave her alone. most of it didn't portray the lyrics at all. but hey this song has a good beat and i guess we should leave brit alone. oh comon, even avril lavigne thinks so. who cares if britney goes to the grocery? its just to buy vegetables. i agree: shut up media.

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