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Performed by Britney Spears

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MY freakin' idol | Reviewer: Hannah-Leann McKay | 1/28/08

Britney spears & chris crocker are my idols. tehy are awesome. yeah sure, britneys life is screawed up, but her music is AMAZING. nad chris crocker is just plain and simple da bomb

It's okay | Reviewer: Li | 1/27/08

I love the beat to the song, and the lyrics are okay, but personally I think that it's just a song. I don't read anything into it, and I don't pity Britney in the least. Her life, her choices, after all. I do think the media is relentless, though. They're vultures, and in that bit I do agree with her.
My liking this song doesn't go farther than enjoying the beat and the basic meaning of the lyrics.

brintney | Reviewer: aka | 1/28/08

brintney your the best everybudy that is haten on you are just fucken haters your the best every budy should just stop sayng shit about you they should just get ther own life and worry about them and them only your song makes alot of scence

*OMG*OMG* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

i feel sooo sorry for britney scince she lost the right to see her kids
EVER AGAIN i mean that is just schockin and if you read the lyrics there is some bits in it like "oh my god that britneys shameless" and "Tryin' and pissin' me off" she just wants the paperazzi to leave her alone and stop invading her personal life she is singing about her troubles by the way im not a nerd if thats what you were thinkin

Dont b hatin | Reviewer: Bella | 1/24/08

ppl should just leave her alone give her some space she didnt write this song just cuz of the hell of it so just stop give her break!!!!! n if u guyz got a problem wit get over it n get a life she has one so give her some room to breathe

brineys new song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

this song is vary good she makes a vary good point people just need to leave her alown she is a wonderful singer i love this song

Britney steel got it! | Reviewer: Da Prince | 1/19/08

Britney steel got i loved Britt since i was lil she still my favorite singer Cristina has nothing on her and people need to back's kinda of weird how they always take pics of her when shes making a mistake......when are they gonna grow up......get a life and stay out of her's!

hiyahh | Reviewer: natalie | 1/17/08

I have love britney's songs since for eva she is just the best. I think Britney Spears should have an album with Rihanna they would be good together. xxxx

its just all because of the paparazzi.., | Reviewer: jAzZY | 1/15/08

its just all because of the paparazzi.., they have really crossed the line., britney is in needof somethin i mean reaching out to somethin i wonder why her parents dont know what to do with her., maybe she needs somethin to hold on to or give her more strength., she's just drowning in all of this stuff throwned at her.,

I love Brintye soo much | Reviewer: Laurie | 1/13/08

Hii my names lauriie i have loved britney n her songs since i was relli little about 4 no jokes i use to make dances up to her songs then show my mum im now 12 and i still love her sogns and she falling apart :( she should have her kids she can handle them i no she can and people keep saying shes probably going to kill herself soon i really hope you don't brit because your be missed VERy much and u can let ur fans dwn n ii wiish i could c u 1 day :( but like thats gna happen

Love from your
no.1 fan Laurie x

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