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Performed by Britney Spears

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FUCK HATERS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

Fuck all you hipicritcal people. First off Britney is famous and of couse every little thing can harm her on her road to sucues but really just bc she is famous means we have to know her life. Odds are 1/1000000 people even know her personally to judge. Fuk all u gossipers and get a life. Any questions or concerns..see me

this is really sad.. | Reviewer: Ariel | 9/12/09

This is just so sad.. How the hell did britney become the most loved girl in the world to the most hated? The things people say about her are so mean.. I'm 17 and I've always been a britney fan I love all her music and I always will I don't give a crap wat anyone says It's nobody's buissness wat goes on in her life.. If any of you had to deal with the stress of being famous, losing your kids, followed around by stupid cameras 24/7 you would be pissed off too.. Its not easy living that kind of life.. Even if you aren't rich or famous it doesn't give anybody the right to treat people like that.. I love u brit! You'll be ok have faith

No... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/09

britney has to learn that she's a grown woman even if she doesn't want to grow up yet.
this song is just another reach for popularity,, this woman needs to learn that she isn't in high school anymore, she needs to stop acting as if popularity is the number one priority
as she herself says in this song, she's a mother now, she must grow up and learn to act like one
although britney is a pretty girl she need not flaunt it, it isn't moral and it's bad and provocative in so many other ways
this song is exactly the same style as when she was seventeen and she needs to grow up recognize her age move on and do something good with herself, her life, and her family.

Leave her But Love her | Reviewer: Ali | 1/18/09

Hey Britney is Great Artist She Got Talent and She Used it, So Cuz U're in 3rd World u Say She Doesn't Deserve This...Every Body Has Rights its True, and She Has reponsibility To Her Kids that's right.. But Many Ppl Around The World Might Do Such Thing to Their Kids or Even Worse No Matter Who They Are, All are Human Like Britney, So Stop Complaining Her for What She Had Done n Leave Her Alone With Her life Instead Think n Find a Way to Solve This, I Love Britney's New Album that's awsome, Hope Luck To Her, Thank U Bye

piece of me | Reviewer: amber kathleen | 12/11/08

hi britney spears i like you by being artist and you have a lovely voice in all your song. the song of piece of me is beautiful song but no only that im not a girl is nice to all of them are nice you are so beautiful and kind you are rich woman dont make your self ugly.

Go GIRL..Its your life..Dont give a Damn to this world!! | Reviewer: QA | 10/9/08

That song is for you guys who think Your life is perfect..ohhh!!1should i say flawless with no ups and downs...pure as and white as milk???? Well..the world knows Britney is a humanbeing too and everybody knows nobody is perfect.. but it seems like the papparazzizzz and Britney haters dont have other jobs to do than minding her business.. Britney live your life its yours anyways...go go go...Britney forever!!!!!

just a point of view | Reviewer: yeanny | 10/4/08

i come from third world country, struggle to make it week to week, don't even know where my next meal is going to come from. but i don't feel that britney, lohan, lady diana etc, deserve that kind of treatment, from paparazi or anyone else. no one, want to suver from poverty, divorce, etc.that just something we all have to coop with, so did all artis etc. it's not anyone fault to have more money or less than other, which make them deserve such treatment. privacy,respect,is something that even us in third world country understand, doesn't matter how reach you are, it's a human rights. process in growing up, as a mother, as a woman etc is something that everyone deserves,how horible it may seems or maybe not right in our sight, that's why it called PROCESS,up and down, you grow from mistakes, not from success, that's happens to all of us,human, include artis or singer.

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: Nancy | 9/23/08

This song is the best of all britney Songs!! You go girl tell them all to butt off your life!! I would do the same if I would be a celebrity. =) Look Celebs needs to have a normal life just as 'US' The normal people just like them they have feelings and, emotions. Yeah, your right there Millionanars so what! They work 13 0r 18 or more Hours to finish their jobs! Its hard being an artist, Actress, Actors...ect they deserve to earn that money! Am typing this to Michael Argo!! Read what he types then, you'll know what am typing about...Micheal, Try being them its not easy!!

No one wants to kid with you anymore, Brit . . . we suspect you're bipolar. | Reviewer: Mina | 7/18/08

I don't really know what type of message she's sending with this song. Is she trying to make amends with the paparazzi and put an end to their constant derision towards her? If you ask me, from the tone of her lyrics, she sounds like she wants to start something.

I understand the purpose for this song. I have to admit, even though she definitely hasn't made smart choices in her personal life(which, needless to say, got public rather quickly), she still has the ability to turn in around, with enough time and space.
However, I don't really like the lyrics. Sadly, most of it suggests to me as pretentious. But maybe I'd take this song/sign of sanity a bit more seriously if she actually sung it with even a hint of emotion.
....I mean, COME ON! Before she released Blackout, she was threatened with a year of jail and lost physical custody of her children! These chances may be slim; either she doesn't give a damn, or she (at unprecedented times) can stay extremely calm beneath pressure.

Haha | Reviewer: Kirse | 6/12/08

I love this song. I think it's awesome, not because I like this sort of music, but I love the fact that she's getting back on everyone who ever said shit about her.. And the self irony, it's amazing. Love it =D

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