Reviews for Oops!... I Did It Again Lyrics

Performed by Britney Spears

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independentgirl | Reviewer: madison | 6/11/13

I don't like this song it so childess i am a music predecour ok i thought i will pick you but when i heard your song i not now i wish you should not wrote that song ok

Stolen but still a funny tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/12

The musical theme is stolen from the classical musicv (La Folia), the text is just nothing and she does not sing. What is it that people still want to hear that song? I guess it is the Folia melody but the theme is worked out ten times better.

Akina | Reviewer: Leilabeth | 5/17/12

how old are you?! how do you only know this song from the barbie website??????? this is one of the songs she's known for!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and this is my favorite song ever ^.^ she's always been my favorite singer and this has always been my favorite song :D

Death Metal brought me here. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

Scream if the Death band Children of Bodom brought you here. Damn genius cover. Who knew Death and Britney could combine.

I miss the old Britney, funny how I can go full Death Metal and end up remembering Britney because of a cover track.

Dear Britney Spears | Reviewer: samantha searle | 5/20/11

Dear Britney Spears i love your songs i love you i mean you are just so pretty i wish i could meet you in person i am your #1 fan but i would not be like other peaple all i would do is welcome you and make you feel cofterble im sorry if i did not spell that right

barbie girl | Reviewer: Akina | 9/22/10

you should go to and go to games then where there is arrows and keep pressing until you find barbie karaoke then press then press barbie 'Oops...I Did It Again' then there is the song being sung for you just not the whole thing but a part but it is still good and this is how I found out about this song otherwise I would not know about this song now.

LOVE BRITNEY | Reviewer: lk | 6/23/10

this is by the the best song of all was the biggest hit when it came out ten years ago && still is one of the old time favorites.
Cheers Britney.
Your an amazing artist.
Love always,
your number one fan!

Thank you! | Reviewer: Britney Spears | 6/19/10

My beautiful,itelligent,graceful fans! You guys motivate me each day. I hope you don't mind I am talking here,Sing365,but I love this. OOPS!...I did it again! I commented on my favorites site's lyrics. LOL

it is awsome and cool, good job | Reviewer: elaine | 5/15/10

i love it and i love you too! i am one of your fan
all of my family member love u keep it up, you are still the best, good job, you are so pretty, i stream when i saw you! you are one of my favourite singer! the other one is justin bieber! i love the song name baby by justine bieber

Leave MJ alone | Reviewer: Cinderella's Stepmother | 3/27/10

Shut up and stop hatin' This is. You're just jealous because she's famous and you're not. Britney ain't perfect anyway and this song ain't either anyway. Britney is a model that's got it goin' on. She don't suck donkeyballs or no raw eggs. Why are you all hatin'. First Michael Jackson now Britney.

ha...ha....ha | Reviewer: julie desir | 7/4/09

i love this song and you know what i love it more when britney spears sing it she sings it with live thanks for making that song ha... ha... ha one can steal thius song from me i'm just playing

awesome! | Reviewer: hergie | 5/7/09

Hi! haha i like this song! You are really pretty=) i really like this song,
right now we are actually doing this(my group) in drama..our lip sync haha..
its soo much fun! we are doin cuttie moves..i just cant get out this song in my head..=)
i like your dance moves too!

loving your songs am #1 FAN | Reviewer: alexandra | 4/20/09

well how can I start Britney you are the best artist that I have ever seen as you have notice I am #1 FAN of you especially this song I always sing this song to all the boys that like or that I know.I always like to sing this song because it takes all the feelings out when I feel bad. Keep up britney and don't forget that you are the BEST!!!!! Love you

Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

I never listened to her music before, and then suddenly and its actually GOOD. was definatly suprised, and i think sometimes she is misunderstood. this song, and womanizer and my two faves from her. byeee

dfdfjdlkfhsdf | Reviewer: biotch | 2/5/09

brit is alsome
and she has been through a lot of hard times
and we should look deep inside her instead of looking on the outside because the outside dosnt really give u much it the inside that count and i know that she will rise back. she has lost a lot of fans because of the way that she behaves but she still has some that knows the realy britney spears and not the one people talk about the one who has a heart, i nevet met britney but i know that it must really suck ass to know that everyone hates u, and i also know that if it was me i would have given up but she didnt, she didnt let any one stop her from being herself, we all make mistakes once in our life maybe even more than one but we have to belive in ourself and that is what we should do. this song is my favorite because it shows the true britney spears and unlike womanizer it acually shows he in old fashioned from and i think that its really cool for someone to be so pretty.

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