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Performed by Britney Spears

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Lyrics is about sex slavery, MK ultra programming, promoting pedophilia | Reviewer: WeAreChange | 7/15/09

I'm a slave 4U = the lyrics is about introducing and promoting pedophilia (underage + the world of the adults), it's about Britney as a MK-sex-slave (which there is plenty of proof of) and its about propagating these ideals to young girls..Sick!

Want to understand more about the world you are living in, the shit going on tv, the true meaning of these satanist messages.. Study

Wake up!

wow!!! | Reviewer: sadia | 11/30/07

britney you just keep on geting better.When are you going to come Namibia?there are alot of people that would love to see you,But just know that i am your bigest fan.I LOVE YOU!!!

uh uh uh uh | Reviewer: cazstudent | 10/2/07

Wow! Britney is, like, totally hot. The way she thrusts her pelvis just makes me wanna scream. And we agree that her songs have, like, totally changed. She went from, like, totally all sexy take me in the bathroom catholic school girl to, like, trash whore skank. What a difference! Thank you all for your insightful comments. We also think she is sexy and all the boyz would be dancin' all up on us as she would say. For more information please sign up for my class next semester. Like, later.


if you think about it... | Reviewer: Hannah | 9/25/07

if you really think about it.. she has changed so much.. for real, i agree with Chrissy, if you compare some of the songs on her first album to this you will see a total difference.. i like the song, and i love britney! ppl need to stop being so trash talkative!! she has grown up, and yeah she has done some things that aren't so good but she is a woman and she has to learn from her mistakes!!! ily britney!!!

you know, actually not bad ... ! | Reviewer: willies_wonka | 9/4/07

This song is sexy and energetic. I didn't know Brittany put this out, and now I'm actually tempted to re-evaluate some of her music. Eh. Maybe later.

songs about me | Reviewer: JAY | 7/20/07

This song so reminds me of the time I got to dance next to Britney in a nightclub {lucky me}

What happened?? | Reviewer: *Chrissy* | 7/19/07

What happened to Britney she is just a good girl gone bad like all her songs are very good but the meanings are so different I mean compare the lyrics of "Sometimes " compared to "Slave 4 u " WOW!! you will definetly see the difference!

And what was she thinking?! | Reviewer: Tanisha | 5/29/07

This song is very, well just plain gross. Uhh, this song makes her seem easy and premisuous, I really don't like this song at all, it's not one of her best.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Chloe | 4/26/07

When this song came out everyone was outraged. WHY?? its like one of the best brintney songs going!

I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS | Reviewer: ANNE | 3/16/07


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