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Performed by Britney Spears

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addictive song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/07

i'm sooo addicted to this song ! i play every single day since i've known it. great job brit and keep goin'. i can't 4 her new video 2 come out.

------ About the song Gimme More performed by Britney Spears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

so hot!i always repeat this song in my music player.i want to see her new song video,if she dance in this song, it's so hot & great

love you britney | Reviewer: aida | 9/18/07

i think i love britney so much & everything she does

B-Town | Reviewer: britney | 9/16/07

omg......this so is so hot.....i cant wait til this comes out...i saw her perform it at the vma' was great.....good job brit

great song | Reviewer: edd | 9/14/07

this song would be much more successful if britney's gut hadnt gotten in the way of the performance. but the song's great...i've played it every day since it came out. ^_^

Why | Reviewer: Georgia | 9/12/07

why does britany keep trying alot of people know that she isnt gunna have a succesful life when she gets older so why even try when her career is going down the toilet already?

not that good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

I thought brit's new song would be better, that would shake up the world,but I think this song is not in the level of her previous songs

Britney # 1 !!! | Reviewer: britney_style | 9/12/07

Everyone is trying to say and make fun of her. she's the destination of this things reason why she's really a greatest singer and dancer. I can't wait for new album!

Love her | Reviewer: faye | 9/5/07

I always have loved britney no matter what she does. I hope she makes a come back and that its great!

great song | Reviewer: chaz | 9/2/07

omg i love this song...i knew she still had it in her....sounds like old madonna but better, in my opinion, new album drops nov 15th yay

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