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Performed by Britney Spears

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great music | Reviewer: hayley boyd | 5/20/07

a brill song
i have gt a singing thing where i can go and make my own cd and this is the song that has encouraged to do this song
x x thanks britany x x

i luv this song! | Reviewer: cool dude | 5/17/07

everytime is a great song! i even know how to sing and play it on the piano!

beautiful | Reviewer: cesilia | 4/20/07

Britney this is a very great song i know your going thru alot especially with your divorce but i know you can make a comeback try singing more songs like this alot of people can adapt to it

To ana victoria | Reviewer: charlie | 4/20/07

Actually britney did wrote the song, if u dont believe me search on the internet and u will find out that she is more talented than people think she is

;( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/07

This is a really great song--i love the music, it's so beautiful as well as her soft voice...

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/07

i agree this is probably the best song she has ever done. it hits a place in everyone's heart. almost the video was on point as well. i think everyone has felt like they had went on unnoticed by someon atleastoncein there life, this song to helps heal i guess. i makes me think of the might have beens . . .

sweet | Reviewer: Dung | 9/4/06

i must say that the song make me brood about my love . Britney's voice lifts me up to reach my feelings of love .

Everytime i see her in that video, i hear her voice, its so nicey | Reviewer: Mikey | 2/11/06

SO smooth and so sad. its my favorite song of hers, not 2 mention my favorite album of hers is "in the zone"
very good britters
keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

SAD INDEED | Reviewer: Maopa.Uluilakeba,{FIJI} | 5/6/05

the first time i heard this song ,i is such a depressind song..the kind you wanna play after a breakup...!lol

She does it at last! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/04

I had almost given up the hope Britney would ever show up with something good. But now, she does. And it's not just "something good", this song is more: the texts is great, the instruments are very beautiful and...SHE SINGS WITH GREAT SENSE AND A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!

Britney finally shows she can sing, she can do something of any sense that can help other people or at least give them an unforgetabble feeling. She doesn't sound like some kind of popchild who has to sing what one or another manager found she had to do, or like someone who's voice is more computer than human.
No, she's real and she's good.

If she would only make one more songs like this, I became her biggest fan!

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