The beat kicks! | Reviewer: Theresa | 5/17/05

This song is OFFICAL! It's the TRUE LYRICS! It exsists! I have it on my comp. It's awesome. Much better than Mona Lisa. Not the best Britney song out there, but hey it's pretty good.

Great lyrics! | Reviewer: Cool lil'one | 5/17/05

The lyrics are real, cuz' Ive heard the song and it's so similar to the lyrics!!!!!!!!

Opps! | Reviewer: Robert | 5/17/05

yes the song is real its her new single. and i have it and i am listening to it right now. its a great song!

CHAOTIC: Only rumoured | Reviewer: katbloom | 4/13/05

These lyrics are highly likely to be fake, because this song is only rumoured to have been made, and in fact I am not sure anyone in the public has ever heard it before.