Chaotic!!! | Reviewer: Dede | 9/5/11

I love looking back on these reviews and seeing ones from 2005 before the song came out and everyone debating if it's real or not. It is now 2011, and I am FULLY aware that it's real, I bought it on iTunes in 2008. The song came out on her promo EP for her and K-Feds show on UPN in September 2005. I also loved the review from 2007 saying everyone needs to calm down because it's real and they bought it on iTunes. I thought it was funny because the post before that was made in 2005 so everyone had fully simmered over the course of 2 years. IM NOT HATING, I just really did think it was funny. I love Britney fans, we're all so silly sometimes - JUST LIKE OUR QUEEN, BRITNEY!

Like, whoa... | Reviewer: Sonny | 9/26/07

I actually love this song so much.
It's SO catchy. ^_^
Love Britney, and can't wait for her new album.

TV? | Reviewer: Mandy | 9/3/07

I love this song. It has such a great beat, awesome for dancing.

Didn't she make it to use as the theme for her and K-Fed's show?

Love it. Love Brit. | Reviewer: Luke | 8/19/07

Omg this song is so good. Lol this is my favourite spot in the song "Everybody here’s getting’ wild" I like the "WILD!" part lol.
Britney is the Awesome of all Awesomes.
Can't wait for her new album.

It's REAL! | Reviewer: Carolina | 6/8/07

The song is real! I have it on iTunes, and I'm listening to it now. I first heard it on a video on YouTube. The link is: Its from a dance competition so ya its real. I searched it and found a link 2 download. I have it now.

calm down | Reviewer: Jess | 3/22/07

everyone needs to calm down. one, OBVI. the song exists. idk why people are trying to say it doesn't. what would be the reasoning for making up the fact that britney made another song? that's just dumb. two, it's not that great. it's decent at best.

Rumors false | Reviewer: donna | 7/11/05

The rumor that is song wasnt made are false because i'm listening to the song right now and its a great song!

Britney Is Great! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/05

OMG.... Every song of her kicks ass!!! I can't believe it.. it's just so Chaotic ;) Good Song!! I recommend you al to listen to this song! Boy It's Chaotic. :-)

Loved it | Reviewer: josh | 5/26/05

I lovw this song!!!!! It always get's stuck in my head when I think about it.

Simply wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/05

I love it, everything in the song is amazing.