BMTH!!! | Reviewer: lauren | 8/29/14

i love absolutely all of the guys from bring me the horizon. ya'll are absolutely amazing!!! your music is so fucking amazing you have no idea how much i would love to meet you guys!!!

BMTH ARE WAY BETTER THEN PIERCE THE WHALE!!! :) | Reviewer: Tommas Robbie Eddie Africa Carter | 3/13/14

i wrote this message for oli to read ...
oli you are amazing and to all the haters go and fuck yourselvs oli is an amazing person and he is my idol for he is the one who got me into music i have been playing music since i was 9 or 10 i have been playing along with there music for a while now and it just keeps on getting easyer. i would like to meet oli one day my freind already has and he hi fived him at leeds fest (his name was eddie karuck-thiel)
keep up the amazing work guys
T.R.E Africa carter

bmth is hella rad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/14

oliver puts so much emotion into his songs and live performances .. bmth's songs can relate to so many people that are going through tough times, their music is inspirational to their fans and help them carry on, so to all those that are bashing bring me the horizon, please dont because they are genuinely great people and they mean so much to alot of people. each and everyone of the band members are talented in their instrument (lee malias guitar riffs are fucking great) .. so please keep your nasty ass opinions to yourself if youve got nothing good to say. bring me the horizon has taken a huge influence in my life and they mean so much to me and other fans. haters can go shove a cactus up their anus or keep their pie holes shut.

thats all i have to say.

...just no | Reviewer: emily | 8/3/13

bring me the horizon get better by the minute!! screamo shit? you might not like it but some people do!! its not gay? theres always a point in trying and oli should continue for as long as he wants he isn't dragging the band down they move up together? what are you on! there brilliant! by the way this is a responce to 'IAMABANANA' there bloody amazing! alot of people in this world love screamo! me im one of them...he doesnt just scream? he does sing? personaly he does a bit of both? its good he should continue! he always has the chance to improve and improve he can! the band are always thinking of new ways to improve im an idiot am i? haha just because you dont like there music doesnt mean you get to call people idiots because they do like it! oli is my idol the guy i look up to! he's expressing himself and he was once a little boy with a big dream and hes living it now! if he wants to scream he can scream his heart out and he will have his millions of fans standing with him suporting him all the way! he proberly couldnt care less about that little handful of people who dont understand his music! hes not just pointlessly screaming! he's going by his style of music hes expressing how he feels he had a tough life, he's an amazing singer (despite what you think) everyone has an oppinion but somtimes there best unsaid!yeah you DO have the right to say your opinion everyone can.. im not saying you cant but your calling his music gay and shit... its what he wants to do and who are you to get in the way of it? if he loves what he does and likes how he sings he should continue for as long as he wants!!! ....i think i got my point across!

amazing! | Reviewer: just a BMTH fan | 8/3/13

you know, i first started listening to them because a friend mentioned them... i listened for about three weeks brfore wondering what they looked like! you dont love a band for their looks, i mean yeah, Oli is HOT but i didnt know that at first. i like them because of their music! is that such a crime?

just my opoinion | Reviewer: sexxielmo | 2/7/13

alright haha now some people may not like bring me the horizon and thats fine.. the only thing that isnt okay is that all you little kids are bashing on BMTH like its so immature. you dont see us freaking out and bashing on your gay ass music. cmon guys, grow the fuck up and hop off. dont like olis music? thats fine, your opinion. we dont give a fuck about your opinion kiddo. everyone who hates on oli is a piece of fucking shit, if anything oli is a hero <3 a role model <3 a very well and respected person to look up too <3 hes my hero and he may be yours.. if not then haha fuck yourself.. then to those who say this music is pointless ansd that it sounds like dying chickens, you just dont understand that this is music that makes us who were are and gives us that motivation, this music is all we have to hold onto. now like BMTH they have never given up on us <3 i love you oli ;p ill always be a believer <3 bai hehe

fuck off haters | Reviewer: mrs oli sykesss!! | 1/3/13

i like bmth and if u dont fuck off whats the point being pathetic little shits and posting hate it can hurt peoples feelings yanoo jeesh get a lifee yhh oli is gawjuss but just get over it everythings not about looks. i hate justin bieber and one direction but u dont c me posting hate shit on their fan sites and bios GET A LIFE U PATHETIC SHITBAGSS! i wanna listen i will ur opinion changes nothing to me or anyone that likes them...

meh | Reviewer: Ross | 8/12/12

he dated a 16 year old in november&december 2011,on facebook.
cheated on Amanda with that girl 2 months ago&apparently still loves that girl.
hes not nice at all,hes rude.all the time.

I luv em | Reviewer: Keira | 8/8/12

Im only 12 and i think BMTH are the best band ever, Oli is and amazing singer/screamer. The rest of them, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls, Lee Malia and Jona weinhofen are amazing at what they do.
If you dont like the band then why are you even reading the bands biography, or commenting on it.

My opinion is that BMTH are the best band ever and if you dont have anything nice to say about them then shut up and stop reading about them .

classholes | Reviewer: yourmom | 5/15/12

idk about the title but some of you people are like huge haters and prob need to suck it, and yes i will compare them to metalica and Slipknot, because they deserve to be beside them, pluss when the covered eyeless by slipknot they encorperated a much darker atmosphere to the song, the guitar and vocals for the song were much heavier than anything slipknot has ever done. all i got to say, count your blessings, best deathcore album out there. well dont be haters and all and ya know smoke marajuana and drink 40's lol

bmth/oli | Reviewer: a fan | 9/9/11

bmth is and has been an amazing band. their music straight rips(from edge of your seat to there is a hell) and oli's lyrics are beyond epic. as for him fucking his throat up, so what that he doesnt do the same highs and lows like he did. yes, thats what he was known for but at least he is a strong enough person to put on a new game face and keep going in spite of this. bring me wouldnt be bring me without him. regardless.

BMTH Suck donkey dick | Reviewer: Bringmethehorizonthroatfucker | 8/27/11

Bring me the shitrizon they suck complete anusbeadsHow people say they compare to meallica, Slipknot and other bands are complete fucking retards, Oli is a vegetarian who gives a fuck yet he still can eat out his own mum thats beyond me, And best vocalist are you guys fucking crazy ive made better shit noises than some of his vocals he is fucking clown shoes

yah true | Reviewer: stretch | 5/31/11

honestly i dont understand how you can hate a band you know nothing about? BMTH's music has had such a huge impact on my life, so i dont know why some of these fucking faggats out there have the need to just tear people down? WTF! this was the band that got me into deathcore! the lyrics are incredibly clever and have a much deepers meaning than most people understand! im not saying i know everything about them but i have gotten my own messages and meaning in their music. i feel like i kinda know where they're coming from so unless you have an appreciation for this sort of music then just dont listen to it. go suck a nasty cow ballsack and fack off, its great music and BMTH deserves everything theyve gained!

why BMTH is amazing | Reviewer: jacob hewitt | 5/27/11

There are mulitiple reasons why BMTH is a good band fo rone OLI is one of the best vocalist we have out in the music industry and if you read the lyrics and not just think there screaming youd understand them and notice they sing about past expierences this is why they are good i fucking love bring me the horizon

unknown | Reviewer: iFUCKINGLOVE bringmethehorizon | 5/28/11

I DO NOT LIKE BRING ME THE HORIZON JUST BECAUSE OF OLIVER SYKES GOD DAMN HAIR!i got to admit hes fucking hot but thats fucking dumb, i like thier music, (fav song; blessed with a curse, dont go ) . i like all the instruments, but i enjoy the electric bass most <3(matt kean palys) favorite person in the band is;oliver sykes& matt nicholls cause they are vegitariens just like me <3 and because i envy the fucking shit out of them. pretty much it. and for tha record i WILL bone the shit out of fucking oliver one day :)