Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat | Reviewer: josh da ripper | 3/11/11

5 reasons Bring Me The Horizon is good

1)Their Drummer is awsome it's not all about lyrics

2)If you liked Slipknot's earlier albums you should like these

3)Oliver has some of the beset vocals going

4)If you listen to the lyrics some of them talk about things that happend in the past and its possible to relate to them


just skimming | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/7/11

Why are their so many people bashing bring me the horizon? I personally like the music, I don't care what the band does in their free time.. if you don't like the songs, just don't listen. Isn't that easier then writing a 50 pg. essay on how horrible they are? I don't see anyone with albums or a fan base on this pg.

B.M.T.H/Oli | Reviewer: KillKaitie | 2/1/11

I know that many people do not like BMTH for what ever god awful reason that is. I can not force you to like the band, But Oliver Sykes is one of my close personal friends and he is a human beeing just like you with feelings JUST LIKE YOU. SO if you would like some one bashing you like you all do to Oli then continue and ill be sure to bash you all, other wise think about whose feelings your attacking. Sure he has had a tough life, but havent we all? Oli is just expressing himself in one way he knows.

ehemmm | Reviewer: lucy | 1/6/11

i love bring me the horizon!!!! & who ever said that bmth is not as good anymore.....fawk yu!! theyre greater than ever & i know theyll continue like this ((: i <3 you guys & keep up the good work! i hope you guys come to El Paso again!! your performence was amazing!! yayy....& i got to take a pic with oli <33

lol wow.. | Reviewer: IAMABANANA | 12/6/10

k so.. whoever thinks bmth is getting better.. is a compleat idiot.. yes the musical portion of the band is still fucking awesome.. but oli.. he just screams now.. he fucked his throat so no more growls and nice gutterals.. theres no point in him even continuing cause he is just going to drag the band down.. unless you like gay screamo shit.. then go for it.. but it used to be deathcore.. nuff said..

BMTH ROX MY SOX!!! | Reviewer: Metal Princess | 11/16/10

An amazing band live & in album! I didnt know what they looked like until this year, tho I've been listening to them since Count Your Blessings came out. So I didn't listen to them for their looks. I genuinely love their music. Pray for Plagues was the song that hooked me. Either way, great band! Whoever listens to a band for their looks is a poser and should die. lol

..... | Reviewer: Destiny | 10/5/10

are you serious..why waste your time bashing a nad..are you that bored with your life that you have to be a total ass? no one cares what you think...some of us enjoy BMTH...if you dont like them then dont listen to them its as simple as that..stop wasting ur time being a faggot :) <3

Meh | Reviewer: Sakura (no im not a cardcaptor) | 9/12/10

Well well well, first of all let me say i appreciate a band that has a unique sound. BMTH are developing a pretty good sound and are improving with age. And when i say this i am talking about the members of the band that ACTUALLY so something, they're really good and i agree with 'Tarnaa' the drummer is the magic. And the guitarists are amazing. AS for the arse that is Oliver Sykes his screaming at times i'll admit can be quite impressive but at others he sounds like shit. He treats his fans (by the way i'm shocked that he actually has fans himself) like complete shite spitting on them, verbally abusing them, disrespecting them etc, i think he needs to lift his game if he wants to keep his 'fans' and remain the so called lead of such a wonderfull set of musicians, because its only a matter of time before they all realise what a drunk fuck he really is.

why is every 1 so mean | Reviewer: hannah | 8/1/10

There is nothing wrong with bring me the horizon anyone who says shit can fuck off! They are an amazing band and oli sykes is quite hot but not hot enough 4 me to like the band cause of him they are inspiring and are fucking amazins you rock bmth

Ugh | Reviewer: Anon | 7/17/10

When I first heard bring me the horizon, i was like 'whoa, that's pretty aight'. then after awhile, i was like 'this is sh.t'. & some of you people have noo taste in music. honestly, they're music just gives me a headache. i have 'the comedown' on my 'pod,7 when i listened to it the other day i was like 'what the was i thinking when i put this on my ipod. i must of been high!!' but that's just my opinion :)

READ THIS..NOW! | Reviewer: jade | 7/17/10

Okay, fer all you people who think bmth is your fave. band, what the is your problem?!? How could you possibly think bring me the (f.cking) horizon is your fave. band of all time? I mean, really? There are SOO much more bands better then these hobo you call 'bmth'. I use to be a fan.. no cut that out, i was NEVER a fan I just liked one or two songs. They do give me a headache!! I didn't listen to them b/c oliver, yeah he's pretty hot but i just listened to them to know what all the fuss was 'bout.. wait there was no fuss ha! I just came uopn them randomly. But then again, there 'type' of music is not my cup of tea. & people who really, really love oliver, don't becom a vegitarian b/c of him, become one b/c you either a) don't like meat [like my dad] b) want to try new things or c) think animal creulty is wrong!! Just my opinion :)

bmth | Reviewer: bmth | 7/5/10

people don't get that the people in the band are fucked up, but there music is amazing, i love there music i have loved it since they came out and i can say that this is a great band but i cant just say oli Sykes is an asshole because there are so many band members in different bands that are jerks! so i think bmth rock as a band ..and nobody really knows oli so you cant say much bad about him so ya you rock bmth !!!!

eMo_B.M.T.H. FaN ! | Reviewer: roy | 4/26/10

BMTH is my favorite band! listening to their songs our my favorite moments in my life! they are so amazing! i just wanted make my life more meaningful like their songs! i love them all! EmO !

Pleeaaazee | Reviewer: Colton Botts | 4/14/10

Honestly Oli was out of his mind when he said their EP was shit. Thats the only album i like. Suicide Season is gettin to mainstream. Count your blessings was very good. But from what they played from thier heart their EP was definitly the most kick ass.

:DDDD | Reviewer: I LOVE BMTH | 4/2/10

I love this band! Oliver Sykes is a good screamer(: Dont say shit about this band because they are amazing. I like the songs chealsea smile, black&blue, for stevie wonder eyes only, pray for plagues, and a lot more!:D the comedown. they can scream and play good! ILY !