bring me the horizon | Reviewer: janeen | 7/9/09

i love u guys please tour in Cleveland this summer u guys rock and i love suicide season and count your blessings. Hope your next album is boss lie bring me the horizon and love the drop dead tattoo. Your the best band ever.

Okay | Reviewer: Vanni | 7/6/09

Ive loved BMTH since like 2006 or around there,and honestly Ive always liked them because of their music...Not because Oli Sykes is hot,I mean yeah hes hot,but thats not why people should love BMTH. Suicide Season does suck but they have some great hits..its just I guess they wanted to fit in more with the "scene" rather then what they usually do.

suicid season?? | Reviewer: amy | 7/4/09

what this with suicide season, oli?
whaere did that come from?
i only just got into your band and i love count your blessings with a passion so deep, honestly, and this is what the edge of your seat was made for as well but suicide season is not my favorite\
hope your next album is like count your blessings

new c.d. without the old bmth ways...:/ | Reviewer: veggirl | 3/26/09

ok, so ive met oli hes not a jackass! hes nice as fuck! anyway yes count your blessing is very well done and this is what the edge of your seat was made for is super amazing but WTF! ehat has happened to them!? suicide season is just not...them! you know? its good dont get me wrong but i miss what the boys use to do! the new album is just to...i dunno but its not them :( ha doesnt stop me from crankin it though! XD...
p.s. yes oli has hot hair ;D

Bring Me The Hair-Spray | Reviewer: brine | 12/6/08

To be honest the EP was shyte, agreed? CyB's was fucking amazing-so original but so cliché at the same time. Amazing riffs, every track was gorgeous, singing brutal(broke a barrier or 2).. meh, who gives a fuck right :P

to the band | Reviewer: Chris | 11/16/08

Ok, Bring Me The Horizon is like the fucken best band in this whole intire fucking world, but oli, dude your a fucking jackass yes i know everyone fucking likes you cause they think you are so fucking hot, you do have an amazing voice when you sing and shit, and yes you do look good, but just because of your hair and people thinking your hot is not the reason why people like the band i love the band, and i don't give a shit for you, even though i think your really cool i still love the band, but you don't give the other people in the band enough credit,so stop being a fucken jackass thinking your all that, cause your not, but sorry about that but you try to get all the attention all the time. But BMTH is the best band in the fucken world and will stay like that i love yall and yall better not fuck up anything

oli | Reviewer: jojo niki | 10/1/08

I love bmth its ma favest band in the hole wide world my favest song is pray for plauges and I soo wanna marry oli.. I love his tats and one dai wanna get a tat like him on my neck... even if im a girl.. And I so wanna scream alongside the band onedaii.. XD

Bring Me The Horizon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/3/08

To the reviewer above me; Your dumb and your badn should break up for the simple fact that your pissed because 'BMTH' covered a band thats not yet retired and or dead, Boo fuckin hoo! There is no writin or unwritten law that you cant cover a bands song if there still around. Music isn't something that you have to follow guidelines about. If you wanna do a fuckin cover of a band that sucks ass and make it apsolutley amazing, Let them. B/c we all know that 'BMTH' in fact remade "Eyeless" better than Slipknot Created it

BMTH | Reviewer: leonthelionheart | 2/5/08

FUCK Oli Sykes!!!!! ur music fucking rocks so keep at it! for stevie wonders eyes only is my favorite BMTH song and medusa is my second and they are the coolest songs ive ever heard. BMTH is my favorite band and will be as long as they make music like they have.p.s. cant wait till ur next album

BMTH ftw. | Reviewer: Brandtifer | 11/2/07

Bring Me The Horizon is a great band. Easily my favorite.
They are a nice change to the new music coming out
lately.And btw, as to the other comment up,
BMTH did do a slipknot cover, but in my opinion
it's amazing, and better than the original.

the review on bring me the horizon | Reviewer: bryony | 6/23/07

it's not about the biography it's about their songs the problem is that they have a new one out 'eyeless' i'm not happy because it's a slipknot song.
me and my friends have a rock band and other bands can't play their songs (of the other band) if they are died or retired! i'm not happy