Bahz? WTF | Reviewer: aiMzZ | 3/12/10

okay, first off, i'm not a true fan of BMTH though i have all there albums, i only started listening to them in 2006 but i had never seen what the band had looked like and when i saw them i have to say i was (as a majority of people were)enchanted by Olii's looks, which is pretty sad considering... BUT i didnt listen to there music just because of him, the band had that inspiring effect which i have only gotten from one other band, The Used, thats why i listen to them because there music inspires me, not because of his DAMN hair, which isnt really that great. BTW- there is nothing wrong with Vegetarian, i am one in fact, basically Vegan. and NO BMTH had nothing to do with it! My decision supporting ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!

Peace-out <3

BMTH (: | Reviewer: Victor (: | 1/1/10

Bmth is by far one of the coolest bands. I wouldn't say there the best. Me and my friends jam to there songs. And I gotta say "For Stevie Wonders eyes only" is one of the best songs I've heard from them. I can't wait till the summer of 2010 when they open there new album.

Welp, | Reviewer: Tarnaa | 12/18/09

When i first hear BMTH i thought they were Amazing. the screaming was perfections and i got all warm feelings cause i loved it. but im not gonna lie, when i saw oli was the lead singer i was head over heels, but i still listen to them for the music. the real magic of teh band is the drummer.

Bring Me The Horizon | Reviewer: Leigh | 12/12/09

Okay, first thing I'm going to say is I heard BMTH's music waaay before I saw what Oli Sykes even looked like and the Suicide Season album is brilliant. Of course Oli Sykes looking the way he does attracted me even more to the band and I have heard all their songs, I couldn't even pick a favourite although I relate very well to Suicide Season. Thanks for the music guys <3

Keep up the excellent work (:

Dumbasses.. | Reviewer: Tyler | 12/11/09

BMTH is good and all but Oli looks like a fag i mean come on vegetarians?He can only lift up a microphone..and besides there not the best band ever..thats your opinion...Children of Bodom owns them anyday!!! GO COBHC...who arent emo fags..

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/09

I was also a fan since 2004 and same thing here, I noticed them because of their music not the looks. I think its stupid when people like someone based off of their looks and not their music. Especially the little preteen girls drooling all over Oli. Yea he's good looking but listen to the music.I have never met Oli personally so i cant say much but people should give credit to the other band members too because without them there would be no BMTH. Anyway I still think they rock, and love their music. One of the best bands out there. I just hope they dont sell out.

to bmth fans READ THIS!! | Reviewer: ale | 11/4/09

people here are lame! look i have been a fan since 2004<3 and the first thing i noticed about them was their music not stupid olivers hair!! all the girls are obssessed with him and they dont even know shit about him!! bmth, if u ever read this Fuck you oliver scott sykes!! your an asshole!! you dont appreciate your fans!! think about it asshole, if it werent for US, there wouldnt be a YOU!! you need to appreicaite us more because its thanks to us that you have that fuckin fake hair of yours!!! pure extensions!! i used to lovvee you but i realized what a fuckin peace of shit you are FUCK YOU OLIVER!!!! lloooveeee- Aleā™„ Vanity:D | Reviewer: Peri Kemp | 10/21/09

what bugs me most is that alot of people who "listen" to this band only does it because they think oli is a babe. personally yes, oli is extremely attractive but the music is so much better. to be able to listen to a song without drooling over the singer shows how much you really listen to them. my favorite song is "tell slater not to wash his dick." pure genious. :)

bring me the HardcoRE! | Reviewer: xXDropDeadRawwr!Xx | 9/30/09

BMTH ar Fucking amazin and are the Best band we dont just like 'Em for Oliz hair they plaY great Hardcore Music betta than Freakin Pop and R n B i wanna mock dat stuff..

anyway peace Out HomIe EMO rUlezZZ!!

BMTH!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jordan A. | 9/29/09

Best band i've ever known, owns every other band hands down. Gets me through hard days, their lyrics are just awesome! How could i live without them? They should do a concert in redlake, i heard they're wicked when playing live..redlake, Ontario is got to be the most un populated place ever... I am super huge fan! -So throw away, my memorie- My fav songs are: suicide season, shed light and sleep with one eye open. I like em all tho. Woot go bmth

Ahhhh-MAZINNG:] | Reviewer: earwaxx:] | 9/24/09

i just started getting into this band. i thinnk its soo fuckkkkinn awesome. i thinnnk my favorite song is Chelsea Smile. BMTH is just as good as Escape the Fate when Ronnie was in it(old singer) i love themm<33333333

oliver sykes | Reviewer: brenda | 9/21/09

i really love this band!its ma favourite band in the whole wide world!!! my favourite song is chelsea smile and I soo wanna marry oli.. I love his tats and one day wanna get a tat! hahaha! luv u with my whole heart oli!

suicide season | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/09

ok i luv BMTH they rock hardcore and honestly i beleve they have serious talent as fer suicide season it gave BMTH a true original metal quality like the 80's metal bands i think of sucide season as their ballads rather than their usual hardcore bad ass vibe and if u look at the lyrics of those songs the have way more meaning and depth than any of their other songs

Dude, it's BMTH. | Reviewer: Courtney | 9/8/09

There is no way to argue that BMTH is amazing. Everyone is saying Oli thinks he's SO cool. I don't honestly think he's that stuck up. And if he is, it';d be because of all the little preps lovin' him for his looks. But, he has a right to brag for his vocals (In TIWTEOYSWMF and CYB at least). *clap clap clap* They make great music. What can you say? Well, I'll see them in October and it's goona be the BEST day of my life (including my KoRn concert). Just hope they wait 'til AFTER the concert to party, 'cause I hope to meet them while they're SOBER. And for those who obsess over Oli's hair ad other assorted looks... I think the WHOLE bands adorable.

StephCHAOS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/09

I LOVE this band! It's fucking amazing.

In a drunken state Oli Sykes once told a Kerrang journalist that "we [Bring Me the Horizon] are over-rated, our EP was shit, and kids only like us because of my [Oli's] hair"

wthat's that all about?! seriously it annoys me that Oli thinks he's all that! but what's up with everyone saying Suicide Season sucked? I mean yeah it might have been different that the other albums, but I absolutely love it; along with Count Your Blessings and This Is What The Edge of Your seat was made for.