wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/11

once again, beautiful imagery, i can FEEL his emotions just by reading, and his voice, especially during the 'love is a lottery' part is heart wrenching.

conor said he's actually jealous of people who have religious faith, he's jealous they have the comfort of believing they have someone who loves them unconditionally and that they think they are certain about where they will 'go' when they die.

i don't know this for certain, but maybe it was his depression that made him question his faith. i had the same thing, raised in a christian home, and i was severely depressed, which lead me to renounce my faith..

i just read through the lyrics again and oh my god he's amazing.

religion? Rather life! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/11

Come on guys, not every song has to start the one big discussion.
I'd say that faith and what people call 'god' is a major subject in this song. But singing about faith (especially in the way he does) doesn't necessarily mean that you believe in it.
I guess he just writes about life. Like that he's not part of anything, not of a religious group, not of 'one of these couples' and just doesn't know who he is and what's the point in all of this.

Belief | Reviewer: gunnar | 12/9/10

I find it funny and also tragic how people of faith think that faith will solve Conor's problems.
Did it occur to you that the reason faithlessness is such a big deal to him might be that he was raised catholic, and went to catholic school?
And everyone wants him to believe, but he doesn't?
And that he is surrounded by people of faith?
I am thankful I was not raised in a religious environment, I was spared the torment Conor has to live through because of that.
I believe we are all equal, and I believe we all struggle, and I believe God won't fix it: We have to do it ourselves.
And empathize with others who endure hardship, not use their candidness as an excuse to shove our God down their throat.

Feeling Godless | Reviewer: | 7/28/10

I like to think this song is about wishing he could believe in everything he was bought up to believe, about wishing that he could make that leap of faith, forget science, everything he knows, because feeling Godless, sometimes is heartachey, it's horrid, you feel lost, needy. I think that it's about life, about peoples everyday interpretation of their life and their love...and his too, but obviously, about the feeling like you're not good enough, about not sliding under the security blanket...
I like to think that, because that's how I feel, I really wish I could believe...but I don't, and I can't. And sometimes knowing you're not part of something, that you haven't signed up for a place in the ultimate love, it's heartbreaking and lonely. It's life though, right?

well, actually | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/10

oberst wouldn't be writing about god or jesus's ability to save people. he doesn't have a religion. while he was raised catholic, he chose not to follow catholicism later in life. thus, jessica's interpretation is probably a lot closer to the truth.

Response to Jessica | Reviewer: JoeyB | 3/21/10

Jessica, I believe that you can't put a meaning on the lyrics written by someone else. While it means on thing to you, it means quite another to someone else. We all determine a different meaning from the way we perceive the lyrics. This is the beauty of music and lyricism. Beautiful. Both yours and vanessaandalisha's meanings can be construed as correct, depending on which verse you focus your attention to. Conor's meaning doesn't have to be ours and the fact we can all relate so well to his lyrics is proof of that.

EEEKKKKK!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/09

pfft, the next Bob Dylan. HE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN BOB DYLAN! no comparison! i don't really care who argues with me one this point, i probably wont come back to this webpage to check, so dont bother. Ive seen both bob dylan and conor oberst in concert, and dylan quails in comparison.
first time ive heard waste of paint. i had a really shitty day today, but this is definately made is soo much better

this song is not about finding god! | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/10/09

actually vanessa and alisha this song is not all about finding god. its about how we are all just as worthless as each other. This song is actually about losing your last bit of hope. religeon was his last hope in not feeling worthless so once he couldn't believe in that he realized how worthless life is. And that made him upset so he wished he could believe.

brilliant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

Conor Oberst has to be one of the most brilliant lyricists out there. Despite the fact that there is only an acoustic guitar for instrumentals in the song, his words are so strong that they make the song complete and worth listening to.

answears... hope? | Reviewer: vanessa&alisha | 8/16/09

this song is so real... so many people go through life feeling like he does. Like god is absent and not there to fix their broken heart. Do they know that he's there for them the whole time? He's only waiting for them to call out to him. hes waiting to take away the loneliness they feel. hes the only one that can feel the empty hole in their life. God is waiting for you to come to him the way you are. He doesnt want you to change before he accepts you hes just waiting for you to accept him. hes always there for you he loves you always and he can help you believe
in your soul
in your soul
in your soul

if anyone feels like they want to talk about God or anything you can email me. i know what its like to be emo and depressed and it sucks!! but Jesus is real and he's alive and he loves you! (enough to die for you!)
(lol, sry bout the email i was like 12, gosh!)

Truth | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/09

What it does it capture a truth going on inside of him, of many. This kind of writing is not difficult if you are honest and follow the wave of emotion with honest expression. It's not about thinking of just the right words to use. As all good art is, not some logical pre-planned idea. If you're the kind of person that notices love and the lack of love, it is easy to write about it. Rule subtraction is the rule. Write honestly. Use imagery to depict ideas rather than talking about something.

His friend, his brother, the couple, the church. Sequences of images and little stories that say everything without him having to say anything directly. And by the end, you know why.

please enter a title...please? oh come on | Reviewer: Josh Vardy | 12/1/08

wow. I love the way the sort of cheery acoustic feeling masks the deeper part of the music. if there was no lyrics this would be children's song, I think I've listened to this song at least once every day for the past 2 weeks.

love. | Reviewer: Aareigh | 11/23/08

I could leave a serious comment more to the point of "conner is brilliant" or "his music is so great and he makes so many good observations" but instead I am just going to leave it at one word


ay, papi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/08

You know when you buy a new cd, and just focus on that one single you bought it for? Well, I really shouldn't have done that. I was sifting through my Itunes library the other day and I realized that I had never really listened to it. GOD, I was blown away. I don't think Bright Eyes really takes his music so seriously, and I sort of think people read too much into it. In most of his songs the message is pretty clear, and you don't have to break apart every line to see the story. I love this song for so many reasons, but mostly because the simple music really makes you listen to the lyrics. Unlike those other big budget wastes of money kind of songs, "Waste of Paint" is real quality.

Waste of Paint | Reviewer: Sam! | 12/6/07

I could sit here and tell you that this song is Amazing!! But that's a given. I mean just listen to it! I'm a diehard Bright Eyes fan and I can honestly say that "Waste of Paint" is one of my favorite songs by Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst is Brilliant and young and if I may be soOo bold I think he's definatly gonna be the next Bob Dylan if not better=)...