Touching | Reviewer: bob Sharlington | 10/20/07

This song is truly amazing. It has opened my eyes to somany things. It is hands down the best song i've ever heard. It showed me how we really are wasting our lives away. And it has given me so many ideas.

Enlightmenment | Reviewer: Wolfeski | 10/11/07

I've gotten almost all of my friends that are usually more into Lynard Skynard and such into this song. Ha, its one of indie's finest hours for sure.

incredible | Reviewer: cluh | 8/27/07

one of the best songs i've ever heard. Conor Oberst is incredibly talented for his young age.

Waste of Paint | Reviewer: Jeffrey McFlanaghan | 5/2/07

Waste of Paint is an epic song about struggling with depression, lack of love, and absence of religion. Conor Oberst takes on three of the toughest subjects to write about in one song alone-- truly a feat that could only be taken on by someone like Oberst. "Waste of Paint" is possibly the deepest song on the whole "Lifted, or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground." Though the music is nothing special, the lyrics are phenomenally moving. Oberst has the haunting ability to make you feel as if each song is written about you. If anyone is looking for an album that has actual meaning and musical quality instead of the processed beats that major labels pump out daily, "Lifted" is soemthing that you should look into purchasing.

Amazing | Reviewer: Josh Gallagher | 3/15/07

Im not a diehard Bright eyes fan, In fact most of the music is a little to whiny, a little to sad for my daily routine, BUT, this song is mindbendingly powerful, the raw emotion of this song is unquestionable (wow thats really a word). Really great poetic music