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Performed by Bright Eyes

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All right! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/10

It's about the pain of being left by someone you are still in love with. The shock the sadness and the bitterness. The desperation of wanting it back but never wanting to be in love again. But then, in the end, it's all better. It GETS better. He "kills himself with changes" he "stands in the sun and breathes with his lungs" and one day he is something he never planned to be "All Right!". He kills the bitterness, the pain, and falls in love again and both loves have power and validity again. And the beauty of love should last till the end where it can be left there to "lie and dream of their happiness". At least this is how it resonates for me.

Perfect. | Reviewer: kristin | 12/21/09

It means that a perfect relationship would stay perfect forever, and they would die just the way they are and wouldn't have a care in the world. He says life's almost over and he still can't figure out what love is.

Simple enough, but Conor makes the concept so beautiful. Wherever we go when we die, we hope we die in love, so it wouldn't matter.

what? | Reviewer: Derek | 10/12/09

The only comment I read that was even remotely good was the guy that told everyone to quit over analyzing what the fucking song is about, I agree with everything you said. People are so damn dumb sometimes.

lovers should be left alone | Reviewer: Anon B | 9/10/09

i just think its all true at once. lovers are innocent and should be left to drown in it. but they can be arrogant too, in a way. and they should def. be left to dream of their happiness.

the main point i get is that 2many ppl try 2 interfere w/relationships. i fell in love w/a girl once and every1 was against it. i just wanted to be left to "sleep in my happiness"

my flawed opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/09

I just read over the lyrics and noticed @ first he believes that lovers should be tied together and thrown into an ocean to drown, then the girls thinks they should be chained together and put into a fire to burn, but @ last he says "Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers,
And laid entwined together on a bed of clover,
And left there to sleep,
Left there to dream of their happiness."
I'm not deep @ all, but for me, it sounds like his attitude towards the girl or life or death has changed by the end of the song. Perhaps he had a lover and she left so he spent his whole life looking for her, but he got the note that she committed suicide because she wasn't content about what she was.. A thought keeps popping up that he also killed himself and the final result was in the last stanza.
I dunno.

what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

actually when this was recorded in 1999, it was really pretty much just conor oberst, he did not even know nate walcott at the time and mike mogis played with him all the time/recorded him all the time, for all intensive purposes, he basically was in the band Bright Eyes, but no clear cut lines were drawn at that point. it was just a moniker.

also, people read into this song soooooo fucking much. its just about a simple relationship gone bad, he can dramatize it and make it into a really powerful and good song, because that's what a good writer does. don't try to figure out who it was in his life. you are missing the point.

its about love | Reviewer: nick c | 1/10/09

hes speaking from experience i think some of you are reading too deeply into this the part about a perfect sonnet probobly wasnt meant to be ironic its about his emotions he starts out lamenting his desire for a life long love and how he knows hes only gunna have "a few brief moments" and in the end have to "watch it all dissolve into a single second" which would be a second of rejection or betrayal and then try to portray the feelings into " a perfect sonnet" or "one foolish line" screw it im not any better aat this than any of you we've all been hurt this is an expression of that pain not a mathematical equation he was hurt and he wrote it down and did so beautifully all we can do is appreciate that

a perfect sonnet | Reviewer: kitty blackwood | 9/3/08

Oberst wrote this song after falling in love with Rosaline. She was a beautiful girl who sorely rejected him. Oberst found it difficult to come to terms with the concept of never possessing her heart and began to fantasize about how he believed himself and Rosaline should have mapped out ("I believe that lovers should be chained to eachother..." etc). But whenever the brutal reality hit him he felt as if he was "laying in a bath tub full of freezing water". Oberst emphasises the pain of not being able to have her by declaring that he wished she were "a ghost". Oberst illustrates the dramatic but correct agony of not being able to have the one you love. Especially as it was Rosaline. He loved Rosaline and he still does. She is bare cool.

idiot who said its one guy | Reviewer: alexandra | 8/6/08

your obviously an idiot if you think one guy makes all these songs by himself, his name is conor oberst and he has a band and they deserve appreciation too like the other fella said ...mike mogis and nate walcott

Love | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/16/07

Conor must know what it is to be left by a lover because this song expresses the terrible, desperate hate and disappointment of being left by the one you trusted. A lover who is loved so and can't appreciate it is so innocent to think they'll find it again and arrogant to think there's someone better but we still have to hope that there is one who will lie with and dream together of your happiness.

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