No words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/10

I'm almost afraid to listen to this song, even just look at the words here on this site because I know I probably might cry, it's so beautifully touching. I haven't especially known loss, but this song hits every emotion, not just loss. <3

Padraic | Reviewer: Psycho | 10/18/09

You have no idea whether he is in pain or not. What you say could be true or the furthest thing from the truth. I don't write often, but when I do it's about things that have happened in my life. Even when a writer creates a story they generally take something from their real life. Whether you be a fan who idolizes him and thinks you know everything or you just wish to insult him maybe you should realize you do not know him. None of us do.

Padraic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/09

hes a writer, its not about healing a brain, he is a story teller, nothing more. thats what great artist do, get people to believe the stories they tell, to get them to think they are in misery. hes not, hes jut a good writer

MY PRINCE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/09

Conner oberst is not a genius. he feeds off his own self misery and pain to help heal his own brain. Those of you who do not suffer from this could not truly appreciate what the artist is feeling. But i do. I do.

cut to the nub of my soul | Reviewer: david | 1/25/09

It's like a moth to the flame, I knew by the first line that if I wanted to avoid emotional pain that I should switch songs but I couldn't. I was tranfixed and finished the ballad and with surprising tears streaming down my face, I knew that he feels just as strongly as anyone who has gone through this type of misery. Thanks for sharing that, it helps me. MISERY LOVES CO.

oberst is the shit | Reviewer: how i learn 2 sing in coma | 3/25/08

i really love the interaction between his voice,lyric and the drum,combine very well and kills !eventough i dont have a young brother that drowned,i would still be proud to cry for this song!
probably the best song i ever heard!

absolutely wonderful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

yes, i agree with the previous reviews, this song is so powerful, i believe it is not only the lyics but the emotion in the deliverance of them. Conor Oberst is a gorgeous genius, he sings what he truly feels, and i really works for him.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Scare | 11/25/07

This song, is absolutly incredible. Everything fits so perfeclty, the emotions in this song are fierce and beautiful. He is such an amazing artist, his lyrics scream out to you till tears fill your eyes.. <3

Wow. | Reviewer: Mischa | 8/6/07

Powerful lyrics.. The drums suit that power and the violins are a brilliant touch. This man is a genuis. This song always gets me crying, but then again all his music hit me that strongly. What an artist.