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Performed by Bright Eyes

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reference to tim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

CURSIVE is one of the most underrated, underplayed bands of the last decade. the disruption ep is iconical. it's no surprise they were on saddle creek with connor. a great way to find bands you might like is researching the labels of bands you already like. as for the song, the lyrics are really good and relevant to a lot of people. I think that's a good amount of what makes a talented musician. you should investigate his solo albums as well. they're as good, if not better than bright eyes.

amazing song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/09

This is very much an optimistic song, a realist song. Physically, we have so little do do with ourselves. Physics governs the universe, and we are just part of it. It seems almost paradoxical, but it must be the truth, given the circumstances and the randomness of quantum shit.

Secondly, I feel as though he is saying that we have to choose to be something if we want to be happy. You can't just lie there and be human, you have to give yourself meaning. You have to choose to have rights and to be something more than a thing.

Maybe that's just me putting words in Conor's mouth, but hell, isn't that what art is all about?

Ah-may-zing song regardless.

..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/09

Today was the first time I heard this song & I think I listened to it like.. 20 times in a few hours. This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard & it describes everything in my life right now. When I was listening to this song, the lyrics that stood out to me the most was,"My head's a carousel of pictures, the spinning never stops." I've lost a lot of friends recently by my choice but I will never forget the crazy nights on the front porch or laying in the summer sun, ever. It's really sad, this song makes me miss my old life.. But at the same time I know the path I've chosen is for the best.

To Mattia | Reviewer: Brittany | 10/23/08

He's referring to Tim Kasher of course! His friend and former label-mate.
Tim is the frontman of CURSIVE and The Good Life....One of The Good Life's records was called "Black out"
So that line "hang and black out together" is another shout-out to him.
You should really look up the history of Saddle Creek Records and Conor and Tim and Todd Fink and Mike Mogis and Robb Nansel. It's all so interesting

So amazing | Reviewer: Zoe | 10/16/08

This is one of those songs which you hear and go "my god, he is singing what i am thinking" I'm just finishing school and the future is scary as
the lines: 'Yeah I know I should be brave
But I'm just too afraid of all this change' is exactly how i feel right now

Finally... | Reviewer: Skip | 9/29/08

For the longest time I was mis-hearing a line in the song. I always knew it couldn't have possibly been the actual lyric, but listen to the song, it sounds like "When you get up to it I think we should hang a black guy together". I always wondered what he was actually saying. I'm relieved to have confirmation that wasn't what I heard him say!

who is Tim quoted in the song? | Reviewer: Mattia | 9/13/08

"yeah Tim I heard your album and it's better than good. When you get off tour I think we should hang and black out together"

I would be really curious to know who is the Tim quoted in this song. Anyone has any idea?

not optimistic | Reviewer: dr | 8/28/08

this song is amazing, but nothing about it is optimistic. the verse concerning predestination is saying that we have no control over our lives and any dreams or aspirations we may have are senseless because we merely move in a path that is chosen for us.

conor's recent is musically exploring the feel and sound of folk music. his lyrics are just as impactful and even more incredible is the common themes the pull the entire album together.

lastly, taking antidepressants is an extremely hit and miss process. not all medicines work the same for everyone. sometimes you have to go through two or three before you find the right one that works for your particular body chemistry. Especially if you are moving on from the sri's to snri's. you should never let a dr. or pyschiatrist put you on a snri first. exhaust your sri options.

Brill | Reviewer: Heidtheball | 8/16/08

This is a really great album. Bright eyes/Conor seem to have lost this kind of introspective edge recently and to put this on and hear someone asking the kind of questions I want answers to is just amazing. This is one of my favourite albums of all time, it is just perfect lyrically and musically. It never gets dull as the songs never sound pre-planned or pander to following a certain overall structure.

Conor seems to have been writing songs that are more laid-back and 'with-it' recently, kinda like he's just accepted his lot in life (not a bad thing, I like his new stuff too). But, this is raw and questioning, a real treasure. I dont think i'll find anything like it again, its vibe is perfect.

nothing gets crossed out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

this song is simply perfect. the way it grabs your attention right from the start is genius. the lyrics are amazing. Conor Oberst is a genius. for the last month or so all i have been listening to is bright eyes and i have been blown away. thank you conor.

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