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Performed by Bright Eyes

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this song really touched me.. | Reviewer: patty | 10/22/07

i agree with the "wow" person (lol)...the first time i heard this song it made me feel as if it was about my life...i looked up the lyrics os i could really read into's just weird...idk...i love bright eyes<3.

Reaction to 'Nothing Gets Crossed Out' | Reviewer: mathew | 10/23/07

This song is a serious wake-up call for any college student who is feeling despondent about the current situation. Everything just seems so tedious, and non-meaningful, but the line "Everything that happens is supposed to be
And it's all pre-determined, can't change your destiny
Guess I'll just keep moving, someday maybe
I'll get to where I'm going"
This is basically saying, you just gotta keep doing the seemingly pointless assignments, because it will lead to (hopefuly) where you want to be in life.

Conor is amazing, and somehow puts every single emotion he is feeling into every single song. Most influental artist ever.

wow... | Reviewer: just some kid | 7/15/07

this is one of the few songs that has made me seriously stop and consider the way my life is going. i was sitting on my bed doodling 'round 2 in the morning and i had "lifted" in the cd player, first time i was hearing the album, and it was great and all, but i was more interested in my drawing... until this song came on. as soon as i heard the lyric "i just want someone to walk in front, and i'll follow the leader" i just kinda dropped my pen and sat there with my mouth open, just imbibing every word, 'cause i realized that that is exactly how i've been feeling for awhile, and it was like Conor wrote this song just for me or something. beautiful...

Conor Oberst is God | Reviewer: Claire | 3/10/07

what would I do with myself if this man was never born.
I -and I'm sure many others- can relate to this song so much. SO much. This song got me through ditching my medication THANK GOD. Effexor is satan guys, effexor should be illegal.

Nothing Gets Crossed Out | Reviewer: Lauren | 6/23/05

The lyrics to this song are so well written that they are perfect and possibly my favorite. Anyone can relate at times. This is definately one of my favorite Bright Eyes songs.

amazing :) | Reviewer: buttercup | 4/10/05

this song just makes me really happy. i love the harmony between the boy and girl voices, a perfect blend.

Review of 'Nothing Gets Crossed Out' | Reviewer: Willy | 11/15/04

Guys, if you haven't heard the song, hear it at all costs. Conor Oberst is the messiah of Indie music, his words cannot be contained. Buy the albums 'Lifted' and 'Fevers and Mirrors''ll love them.

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