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Performed by Bright Eyes

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Phwoarrr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/07

This song, is absolutley amazing. I love it. TO BITS. The lyrics mean something for a change and its just fantastic to hear it when i play it.

no lies,,just luv=) | Reviewer: oblivion | 5/8/07

meaningful lyrics and a great tune.da song has just ssoo many dimensions nd can relate w/ ppl so a lot uv soul in it.noone cudve sung it bttr.:)

Reviwm | Reviewer: l | 4/16/07

i can relate to this song so much, its like he steped into my body and wrote a song about my life. This song really hits me in so many ways. It makes me cry everytime i hear it but the words are so good and meaningful to me that its worth every tear. well writen i love to listen to it.

relations | Reviewer: A sad Child | 4/10/07

I had a friend who was contemplating suicide. I told her almost the same thing Justin says in the song. It made her realize the horrible chain of suicide she would create. This song is so alike, it touches me :]
Great song

Excellent | Reviewer: Me not you | 4/8/07

Much to close to home for me - my family is like that - we'd all be like dominoes if one of us were to do such a thing. It just wouldn't work if he didn't sing it the way that he does.

Love It. | Reviewer: Shae | 3/20/07

My favorite Bright Eyes song. The line:
"Of course it's your decision,
but just so you know,
if you decide to leave,
soon I will follow"
made me cry. I can relate to this song so well.

It's all true what they say | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/06

This damned thing is a perfect pop song. Yes it's over the top and mawkish and about suicide for chrissake, but the thing gets you for real and in under four minutes. The melody is like duct tape to the cranium and the production matches the melody which matches the lyrics which matches the production and so on. The whole thing just works. You feel sad and empathetic at the feelings you're digesting but happy and proud at the way the little guy has turned it into cloudless shining Pop music. It's the perfect fix for the eighteen year old hiding under the blankets in the bedroom upstairs in everyone. Put it on. Mmm yeah. Light a cigarette. Soak in it. Then go to work and try not to sing it out loud at your silly monday morning meeting.

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