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Performed by Bright Eyes

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amazing | Reviewer: Lara | 1/11/08

i can put this song on repeat for hours and not tir eof it. i relate to it so much and i just wish life would be simple enough where there was a lover who did not love me. that is what i want because i just hurt people, thats why my favourite line is 'love's an excuse to get hurt and to hurt' i idolise colin. thank you for everything :]

pretty words | Reviewer: dante | 12/15/07

i love this song. if i'm able to love.^^
i love conor oberst and his lyrics. and it's not only about the music it's about the lyrics. i mean there are songs he wrote i can listen to ridiculously often and i still feel like something in my heard is crushing.

Love is a bitch | Reviewer: Luis | 12/17/07

This song connects with me and a past relationship in more than one way...I like it, I like the meaning...I'd love to have a lover who I dont have to love OR who doesn't have to love ME back

reality | Reviewer: Veronica | 12/9/07

this song expresses much more than just a one night stand.

it can be percieved in several different ways
but the way in which I took it is obviously, a way that reflects my life

conor oberst, wether first person or just fictionally is writing about the ironically lonely world of not caring, supposedly who you chose to be with
and how people no longer care to know who they are sleeping with, etc

and in reality
I have never seen someone who constantly hooks up with people ever be genuinley happy
it just doesn't seem to be in our nature. despite our gender
this song is very touching, although intensely depressing
reality hurts.

Mmmmm. | Reviewer: Chloe | 11/25/07

There is a certain beauty to Conor's dark world created through his lyrics. This song is the epitome of Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst and amazing music. (In my humble opinion.)

I love Bright Eyes.

love. | Reviewer: Billy | 11/16/07

Let this song mean whatever it does to you.
The artist writes it for himself.
The listeners are all affected differently by it.
That's what makes music so wonderful.

This is one of the best songs I know.
And I know a ridiculous amount of music.

hmm | Reviewer: Rica | 11/8/07

i heard this song on an episode of the OC, only some chick was singing it...her name is Bettie Serveert. and her version is pretty awesome, too. awesome to hear a girl singing it. but otherwise, i love the song, its awesome.

youre all assholes to each other | Reviewer: Tim | 10/17/07

i really like bright eyes. that being said, no one except conor oberst has any idea what this song really means; its up to you whether or not you can relate to it or pull your own meaning from it, butno matter what, thats just your opinion, and opinions are impossible to disprove. you arrogant fucks.

WOW | Reviewer: Susan | 10/13/07

I had never heard this song, and I just decided to download it after hearing of it... this is my life right now to a tee, couldn't be said any better!!

Wow, some of you are so blatently wrong.. | Reviewer: Matthew | 9/18/07

"Grow up"?? I will do nothing of the sort.
This song, is amazing. Just like you said.
Doesn't a meaning mean more than how it's eventially produced?
Bright Eyes sound amazing, and even though this song mightn't sound all too good, to some people's standards, I can mature enough to realise the purpose of this song.
It is not telling you to have one night stands, oh my it's not.

Maybe you should do some maturing, now "growing up".
Part of understanding is ignorance-- part of knowledge is too.

Don't post here just to destrive critisize anything about this band, or song..

Go think about what I wrote.
Maybe it'll give you some indication of life..

This coming from a writer, mind you.


Quit Buggin | Reviewer: OMG | 9/11/07

This song is more than a one night stand. It represents a part of life and paints a vivid picture of a scenario in which someone questions who they are and where they are at that point in their life. Happiness is constantly in question and so is everyone around them. One night stands are simeutaneously depressing and addicting. Expectations should not exist if you break down physically on the first night and the constant nagging of someone who wants more than a one night stand causes more reason to have one night stands hence the the title, I want a lover I don't have to love and I want a girl who is so sad that she really just doesn't give a F! Leave me alone!!!!!! It wasn't that good to being with...

ummm | Reviewer: brittney Murphy | 9/6/07

yeah bright eyes is amazing
and can u honestly be so dumb as to say there is no meaning but have a one night stand? I think it goes deeper than that. Theres something about a broken heart and soul in this piece-connor oberst is an artist-and he's original. I think he deserves alot more credit than Saosin-not saying i dont like them. I just think they do the smae as all these teen angst bands are doing-his songs are about life, and not to be put down or simplified in a way thats apparent.

To 'knows better' | Reviewer: Anonymous Metalhead | 8/23/07

Are you really so arrogant as to actually TELL reviewers of this song what to actually listen to, rather than anything by this band? It's a matter of opinion as to what is 'good' or 'bad' music. If someone likes something, let them, instead of telling people to "grow up".

Simply said, I like this song.

WRONG!!! | Reviewer: Affinity | 8/15/07

Sorta...this song is not celebrating a one night stand.....its just saying fact!! I mean really read the lyrics without the song....for example the first part two people meet most of us who have been in clubs kno A LOT of love is never found at a club..very rare...its mostly hookups. "Your tongue in my mouth, trying to keep the words from coming out You didn't care to know who else may have been you before" its like this person he just met wants no love but SEX thats it plain and simple just a fling...."I want a lover I don't have to love I want a girl who's too sad to give a fuck or I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk" a girl who is too sad to give a fuck...thats pretty bad to not care who your with just as long as it feels good same goes for the guy. They just wanna stay in the moment where it feels good. And then the last verse "Love's an excuse to get hurt and to hurt. Do you like to hurt
I do, I do.Then hurt me". Love is about being hurt and then going out and doing whats happened to you and try to put that same feelings onto someone else its very vindictive. Or so the lyrics explain. And asking if someone likes to be hurt well no one does really, its very sarcastic of an answer and then to encourage it also. Its like a cycle, love, hurt, love with sex-sex without love, someone gets hurt in the end. I guess unless you've been through it then its hard to decipher.

Lover I dont have to lovee. | Reviewer: Mariaa | 8/14/07

Ohkay so pretty much I dont like bright eyes that muchh. But this song. i LOVEE itt. The lyricss.=]

I lovee this parrtt;
"You write such pretty words
But life's no storybook
Love's an excuse to get hurt"

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