Rainbow_081190@yahoo.com | Reviewer: MAry | 3/5/11

i deff dont think this song is about stuff like that id say this is a song about remeber how good your past is not how bad it was and its about learning and growing from the exprience u might consdier bad

Wow. | Reviewer: Kels | 1/12/11

Um..wow. That's quite the review of your life. I don't believe song is about wasting your life with drugs and whatnot. To me it seems like in this song he's just reminiscing about his past. It seems more along the lines about how things change so much once you start to grow up. But that's just my take on this song. I admire Conor quite a bit. He is so talented to say the least. Ah Conor, thanks for being such a nerd. <3

Why must I enter a title? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

Well I think that this song is a shinning example of a person that u suppose could be considered a friend of mine. Considerig I have about 3 friends in that world, none of which I an comfortable confiding in about anything. But anyway, yes she is about as worthless as any one. A waste of breath, space, and time to quote yet another of Conor Obersts masterpieces. Spending her days getting high, drunk, and pregnant at what's in my opinion and unreasonably young age (15). She is quite, well stupid I suppose. But no dumber than any other of the people that you see sitting around a lunch room in a high school. All pointless, thoughtless, mindless idiots who shit away their days as if there is nothing more to do than escape their terrible reality. And I agree that realty can be rather terrible and often times I want to escape it using bleache or a knife but I suck it up and go to sleep and hope no one bitches and calls me lazy because that is my way of not altering my precious organ, the one that I think gives you actual life, my brain. While still getting out of this world. And many times I wonder why I spend my long ass days waiting for unconsiousness and hating all the people in the world because they are like they are in this song. I dong know why I do. I think about that alot too and I don't know. I Deserve a he'll of a lot better than this miserable planet. I could own this world if I wanted. I just don't want to. I could have everything that everyone on the earth wants and either struggles for or sits and watches it pass by. I can and will had it when ever I want with no effort. When ever I want! I just don't want it cus it's stupid. What am I talking about? What do you want in life over all? Well that's it becasue you all basically want he same thing and I have it and cab earn it myself with no effort and don't want it. Only when you feel that you are strangley superior to everyone else and that yu can't explain it to them or anyone or yourself even you just know uou are ,only then do you know what I am talking about but it is realy irrelevent and if you wasted your time reading this then sorry you have nothing better to do but I wasted mine writing knowing it's probably too long and they won't publish it but oh well were equally pathetic in all those eyes in the heads of the true morons so go ahead think me pathetic. In a way I do too but I also know i'm better than you and all other humans but am vastly inferor to all animal species. So oh well.