You can't interpret the meaning of a song without looking at his other ones. | Reviewer: riley | 1/9/14

normally songs are difficult to interpret, and I suppose I could have this one wrong- but I'm pretty sure he's discussing Depression- it's speculation personally I think he's discussing the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder + Seasonal Affective disorder, he speaks of his mood changes, and his behaviour is more consistent with BPD than Manic-depressive or depressive. I think its about hitting rock bottom, that point when you can't keep hiding it from everyone and then people start asking questions, and continually ask why you are sad. A new arrangement, lover I don't have to love, a line allows progress a circle does not, Lua, a fever..., hit the switch, vanishing act, if the brakeman turns my way, I've been eating for you... etc describe the DSM criteria for Borderline personality disorder. So I think just like when I write, he writes to get his emotions on a page, to put them somewhere they can kinda appear real- because borderlines have to basically start over each day and generally like things that help string the days together and established some continuity. They love intensely, are promiscuous, use substances, live like a gypsy, etc which describes connor pretty well. I think he became so aware of the dark alleyways in this world and the minds of himsel and others- that he figured that continuity could only be found in music. Something to hold onto when someone you care about leaves and a legacy. I don't think connor ever had a "problem" with drugs, and I say that meaning I think his drug use was compulsive rather than addictive so he'd binge and then not use, or use something else. Meth also seems unlikely- as he makes it clear he likes Downers (A line allows progress) to slow his brain down.He has very black and white thinking and has developed apathy after multiple failed attempts to control his depression. He's just singing about trying to survive, the pain and the beauty that only some of us can recognize inside his lyrics. I don't think he sings/writes for any reason other than to release his emotions, and to try and make some people feel a little less alone in the process. that's what seperates him from most. I normally wouldn't interpret lyrics to this extent but his music flows song to song, cd to cd. There are references- it's a puzzle you can figure out if you know all of his music.And the borderline connections pretty strong as well. there's a lot of bpd sufferers like me who love his music because most music feels so manufactured and connor's is the exact opposite. It's also plausible He has mild Autism (formerly aspergers) as the symptoms are almost identical to BPD.

"though I know that my actions are impossible to justify
they seem adequate to fill up my time.
But if I could talk to myself
like I was someone else,
well then maybe I could take your advice,"

Go read the chorus for rise against "voices off camera". It's pretty much sums connor (or at least young connor) up. There's only one a few things that cause that huge empty spot inside of us. It's hard to establish an identity when everything's temporary.

it is about | Reviewer: me | 10/3/12

karly is right its about withdrawing from drugs, i think meth. bright eyes the name he was a tweaker and 3 days to get meth out of your system. he has to clean up if wants any kind of life or future and society is saying you have so much time to adapt and if you do get clean and better they still might now accept you because of your past. he says at the start of the song he would follow anything to get him out of this lifestyle and life issues no matter what kind of help it is. i think he talking about a lifestyle where you try to get clean again and again and you keep failing and he drinks and uses to kill memories from his past good life because we all know that when you stop using drugs or alcohol all the memories of when you were doing good come back and you remember what you lost and its a shitty feeling and you dont want to think about past relationships you fucked up because of drugs or booze so you keep using to kill those thoughts and memories. he just wants "someone to tell him that he will have a life with a purpose and he will get clean and get his life back a perfect spring a "perfect life again" he dreams about it and wants to hear someone tell him one day he will be ok and on the right track again and he is still high and fucked up and he wants someone to tell him even if its a lie just to make him feel human and not a lie. he wants to hear someone make him feel like he is worth a damn even if that person deep down dosent really think he ever will amount to shit he wants them to lie just to continue to give him peace of mind while he continues to spin out of control and when he gets bad thoughts and tells himself over and over its going to be ok he lies to himself.

i love this songgg | Reviewer: Rachel | 11/13/10

personally, this is one of my favorite songs from bright eyes, i feel this song is about depression and how he's stuck in it like "winter" he despertally wants out though and you can tell by the words of the song.
I love all the songs by bright eyes and i love how there all like pieces to a puzzle of his life.

i want to meet conor oberst so baddd <33

whoa | Reviewer: chad | 10/17/10

I do agree with the fact that this is mostlikely about depression, because I know all you want to do is feel warm and happy, and not cold and alone.
however I do not agree that this is one of his worst songs, its one of his most honest.

none of the above | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/10

i think the meaning of this song, as with any other great art, is left to the perception of the viewer. each person will interperate it differently because they have different experiences and thus different morals/values

breakup | Reviewer: Caro | 6/25/09

I think this is about a break up. Depression occurs after a tough breakup. esp when you weren't the one who got dumped and was blind sighted to the last minute. you have to fake until you make it if you aren't strong enough to make it honestly. cuz you have to get over that person in order to be happy again. you just have to or it will eat you alive and you will be your worst enemy

Duh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/09

i think it's about depression. if anyone here has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder they'd understand that everything feels cold and lonely like "winter". waiting for a "spring" when everything may be okay or at least better.

beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/09

You can interpret this song any way you want to, but I feel like it really is about winter being so cold, dark, and lonely. I love the bit about drinking to stay warm and to kill selected memories.

And I don't think Conor is a bad songwriter or singer, I think he's absolutely phenomenal. His style doesn't fit cultural norms. Who knows what hell that boy has been through, but at least he makes something beautiful from it.

I would go as far to say that he's my favorite musician ever.

Re:Meh | Reviewer: Jess | 2/16/09

Babe, if you hate Conor for those things, I think you missed the point of being a fan. Easy Lucky Free, or Digital Ash, for that matter, is his WORST album. Personally, I think the Mystic Valley is his BEST work, but it isn't Bright Eyes. The people that love bright eyes, love them because of how bad Conor is. He can't sing, he can barely write, let alone form a cognitive sentence. He is a fuck up, and he fucks up in front of the camera. He writes the things you wish you could write when you are withdrawing from heroin, or getting your heart dragged through the coals. Stop reading so much into his lyrics and his narcissism.. and just love him for the terrible vocals and mediocre guitar player he represents.

Interesting | Reviewer: Chico | 1/24/09

It's interesting to see an array of interpretations so different to mine in a song i thought was so blatantly obvious.

I believe the song speaks exactly of what it says: being stuck somewhere. Of course it's deeper than that. it means being stuck in life. what I call "my life is hurting". No girl, no job, no future, no anything. Just "dead and eternal snow" that keeps me from going further.

you get the gist of it. But i definitely can see where Karly is coming from with the cocaine bit, it's a really interesting interpretation. Anyone knows if Conor had drug problems (might be an obvious question but bear with me, i've only just got into Bright Eyes)

it's about heroin withdrawls | Reviewer: karly | 4/28/08

this song is about heroin. if you have used or know anything about withdrawls it's obvious. it stays in your system for 3 days when you're withdrawling you are so cold you cant even move and you wish you were dead. i love this song even though the truth of it is rather desperately morbid. waiting for the spring symbolizes a new beggining which translates to being clean. alot of people refer to heroin as a girl so when he refers to "her" although it may seem like he is talking about a past lover he actually is not. at least that's how i interpret it.

depression | Reviewer: tony | 4/7/08

I think the song is about losing someone important to you be it a girlfriend breaking up with you or someone close who passes away and feeling that your future is broken and you need to build a new one and how hard it is when you already saw what you wanted.

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

when i heard this song for the first time last year, it was the perfect song at the perfect moment... it was as if the song was written for me. but i know that's impossible.

Meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

Conor can be a good songwriter at times, but the lyrics in this song are ridiculous, and parts of this song make me want to stop listening to him altogether (the way he screams the word "shit" in this song pretty much embodies everything that I dislike about him as an artist).

You're much better off listening to songs like Easy, Lucky, Free or The Calendar Hung Itself, in my opinion; those are some of his best.

your thinking to much into it | Reviewer: tyler | 10/30/07

hes actually talking about winter. it happens to some people, they get very depressed during the winter cause its cold and everything dies. and it seems like they almost broke up or started dating in the winter and this is his first one without "her"