Anywhatever. | Reviewer: Slain | 5/30/07

I think he is just trying to find a way to get through a really lonely part of his life. It's not so much about him getting his heart broken..but the drawn out effects of it.

RE: Wondering.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

In this song I don't think he's talking about having his heart broken, but about the desolation and isolation of life.
However, his other songs are about broken hearts, so who knows.

Wondering.. | Reviewer: Ocean | 2/11/07

Does anyone else wonder who in the hell broke Connors heart to make him so bitter and crazy? Like she really must've messed him up good. This songs pretty cool. Spin magazine said Connor might possibly be the greatest song writer of our generation. I think this might be true considering he never stops writing and everybody no matter who you are will like atleast one of his songs. I really like the smiths-esque beginning of this song with the angry sounds and screams.