Inspirational artist | Reviewer: Nobody | 3/21/09

For the first comment, his name is spelt "Conor" not "Connor". So I doubt you're in love with him (you can't even spell his name). But I understand your feelings. The lyrics he produces in his songs are highly relatable. Most bands spit out overly simple and generically predictable analogies about love and life, but I've never heard a band that made me think as much about life (or death) as bright eyes. He is a true, honest to god, poet.

perfect | Reviewer: wow | 12/3/07

these lyrics that he writes are simply amazing. and i completely agree with the last comment. he writes the most beautiful lyrics and they flow so well and everything.

amazing | Reviewer: me | 8/25/07

i'm simply in love with mr connor obert.
he writes such beautiful lyrics.
they're so personal and makes me feel like i'm not alone, and lets me know that someone else's been through the same stuff as me.
love this band.