One word- amazing. | Reviewer: June | 5/30/07

The lyrics are quite amazing,
(yet, somewhat perverted).
This song is full of meaning,
and it's so true.
The day Conor stops writting songs will be the reason of my death.

By the way it isn't all about the father..
or at least I don't believe so?
I think it's more so the father selling his daughters' body for money.
That's the way I see it.
Then again, he writes, "'s the reason I made you."

Somewhat disturbing | Reviewer: Aaron | 4/29/07

Although I love Bright Eyes, this song is somewhat disturbing for me, as it talks about a father sexually abusing his daughter(s):

Your older sisters,
I had them too,
But you're my favorite
You know it's true.
You look like your mother
In that thin disguise

And the young girl trying to pretend that it's not happening, but she's so emotionally drained that she's just like a walking zombie.. =[ So sad

RE: What is the song about? | Reviewer: Conor | 4/30/07

The song is about a little girl being sexually harassed. I should know, I wrote it.

whats it about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/07

What is the song about... Im not even sure, still amazing though

amazing | Reviewer: Megan | 2/19/07

This song makes me think... and Its so sad because its so true... hes just amazing... and when you listen to this song and close you eyes and just listen to the words it makes shivers go up your spine...

beautiful. | Reviewer: shellie | 2/10/07

beautiful. it's the only word you can use.. everything he writes, and the way he sings it, just makes me feel funny. a good funny.
he has true talent.