being pure isn't easy. | Reviewer: Anon | 7/25/09

Amy, he most likely didn't "think" of your name. Conor has a way of being very Real with his lyrics, as in, he writes about very personal things. My opinion is that he knew someone named Amy who was treated like the girl in the song. It's just a guess, i don't mean to sound rude.

Arienette is a song too!! | Reviewer: AMY! but not in the white coattt | 12/28/08

My name is Amy... not that I was abused or anything. I just love that Conor thought of my name. I'm sitting at this keyboard and feeling so light because I've had enough vodka to last me all night and aside from the fact that it's not me he knew I'll be leaving forever and finding him soon.

xx darling
I love you

wrong. | Reviewer: Arienette. | 7/16/08

uhm...Chelsea you just made a fool of yourself. I own the Noise Floor Rarities, and it clearly says the song is titled AMY and the white coat. and the above lyrics are correct.

Do some research before you post and make yourself look ignorant.

the song title is wrong | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/25/08

it's supposed to be ARMY in the white coat
and there are errors in the lyrics too:
"your parting mouth, your shining eyes"
should be
"your parting mouth, your shutting eyes"
"when the sun beams bright"
should be
"with the sun you rise, but you keep your eyes shut. the alarm clock lies, get to school on time"

there are a few other ones that aren't as important, but i had to say something about the above mentioned. conor oberst has been my favorite for years and years, and it's terribly annoying when people post incorrect lyrics because they learn the lyrics by ear and for some reason can't understand what he's saying half the time. maybe if they actually went out and bought the CDs that come with these convenient little lyric booklets, they wouldn't cheapen his songs with stupid mistakes like that.

opinion | Reviewer: expectations | 1/11/08

I listened to the whole of noise floor after about a month of listening to side b on repeat as it stunned me how brilliant it was and this song found me.
I agree with the last anonymous that it is about her father sexually abusing her and not forced prostitution.

beautifully cruel song, beautifully pure.

indescribable | Reviewer: nicole | 11/1/07

uhm all i have to say is...WOAH.
i mean this song really makes you think...well really, all of his songs do=]
its just this one is so just makes you feel inside...i have no idea how to even put this in words...simply

Honestly. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

It's not about a father selling his daughter's body, nor is it about a girl being sexually harassed (sexual harassment being unwanted sexual advances or sexually-charged remarks). Her father is actually having sexual intercorse with her, which constitutes sexual abuse. And whoever replied to the "What's the song about?" question, we all know you're not the real Conor Oberst. Because he'd actually understand what the song was about, and I highly doubt he frequently checks the Sing365 website.

"Your older sisters, I had them too.
But you're my favorite you know it's true.
You look like your mother
In that thin disguise
your parting mouth, your shining eyes.
And the way that you hate me
And the length of your hair
It's the reason I made you
It's the bond that we share."

It's a father who created his daughters to have sex with them. It's apparent in the lyrics. He likes her because she looks like her mother. There's absolutely no evidence that her dad is prostituting her. None at all.

its almost sweet | Reviewer: Renee | 8/24/07

its such a sensitive subject but hes not offensive at all. the thing is when your a child and you are molested by a male that is head of household you really have no where to go i got asked why i never called 911 the thing is i was taken away from my real parents and placed with relatives and if i called the police then i'd just go to foster care. let me tell you it wouldnt take a genius to say foster care sucks plus i once did talk to the police and they didnt do anything. i said he was "weird" and i was about 14. they just overlooked it and sent me back to the house. its a sad reality men do this. it really is.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

This is truly a sad song, but Conor some how, makes it so beautiful so pure. He has true talent.

it's so real | Reviewer: Monroe | 7/28/07

at 1st i thought it was about the father sexually abusing his daughter but then i thought he may have been selling his daughters' body for money.

the lyrics"Your older sisters, I had them too.
But you're my favorite you know it's true.
You look like your mother"

is pointing toward sexual abuse from the father but the lyric "It's the reason I made you" could be both like he makes her have sexual relations with him or other men

all in all it's a emotionally depressing song. And i love that it's so real. This is happening to people all around the world.