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Performed by Bright Eyes

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Yeah. | Reviewer: Kolte | 9/20/07

I remember, long ago, sitting in the back seat of my brothers car, and hearing the calender hung itself, from fevers and mirrors, on a C.D. mix in 2001. Later that month, I had become an addict of the music. And Still I have not been let down by this band. They capture everything from the instrumentals to the lyrical poetry. This song, a perfect sonnet, is defensibly one of the top 10 Bright Eyes songs. Enjoy.

boubb | Reviewer: jk | 9/11/07

some of you said the voice is awful ... I think the voice is brilliant , it's just like he would try to stop himself from crying ... and it fits perfectly

wow | Reviewer: Eliazavita Svetlanosch | 8/26/07

This is one of my favorite songs from conor. He goes against the grain with his singing voice, and concentrates more on what he's singing than on how he sings. And his songs make you think, like a poetic genius would. but most of all, his songs are real.there are real feelings, and real lyrics, and real effort thats almost humbling to listen to. love it

simply amazing | Reviewer: Jen | 8/26/07

No music or movie has been capable of making me feel as many emotions as the work of Conor Oberst. I cannot even begin to describe how utterly beautiful this song is. I love this song along with many other Bright Eyes songs the intensity and emotion in them is just... amazing.

It's a review. And I guess it has a title. | Reviewer: Chelsey | 8/5/07

I love this song. Despite the fact that he doesn't have a beautiful voice and it's not really a sonnet (which leaves me confused about the title of the song), this is a wonderful, wonderful song. Though I claim not to care much for his voice, I think he has the perfect voice for this particular song (and...the other two songs I've heard mesh well with his voice, also). I just can't imagine anyone else trying to sing this.

Probably the most important part of a song is the lyrics. If you're going to bother to stick them in a piece, they may as well mean something and be as beautiful (or more beautiful, even) as the rest of the song. He seems to get that. His lyrics are so wonderful.

Bittersweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

Its lyrics are so beautiful and honest. And I love how it's sung, you can just feel the bitterness yet the longing in the singer's voice.

But I Believe Lovers Should Be Tied Together | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/07

Whoa, i heard a friend talk 'bout this band, so i downloaded one of there songs, this one. and i just really enjoy it. the way he gets into the steady groove, then breaks it down and ritards it on the last line of the verse. i really enjoy. gonna go download mo' of them right now.

`Cody Walton

Just really amazing | Reviewer: Chris Schuett | 5/28/07

I belive this was the first Bright Eyes song I'd ever heard and, I didn't quite know how to react. It struck a chord that hadn't been plucked by anything else ever before. Just congrats to Bright Eyes and Connor for being able to creat something so beautiful and meaningful to other people

Conor is my hero | Reviewer: Ryan Holmberg | 4/24/07

Every Bright Eyes song has more creativity than every song in the world put together. "A Perfect Sonnet" is a favorite, and I hope someday every music lover could appreciate all of Conor Oberst's masterpieces.

Bright Eyes-- | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/20/07

This song is the only thing I listened too last summer while I was painting an empty room at my mom's house.

It really got to me. I'm not an emotional person but it led me to paint a tryptich (typo) of the three different verses Conor O'berst described lovers.

Now the song only reminds me of that fresh coat of paint, and the sounds of the Canadian soldier bugs that come every year to the Lake front in Ohio.

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