almost here | Reviewer: lina | 7/12/13

Exactly what's happening in my life... The song just takes my breath away... Beautiful and oooohhhh yesss everything in this song does happen and exists... Its real.. Beautiful and touching ...

amazing | Reviewer: me (: | 3/27/11

I don't think people realise how amazing this song is.
Delta Goodrem is the most amazing singer alive.
She always has been and I love her.
This song is actually amazing.
"Bruised and battered by your words. Dazed and shattered now it hurts"
Do you realise how that can compare to real life?

This song has so much meaning and it refers right back to life.
Go away you haters.
Especially the one who said it's pathetic.
Sure, Brian Mcfadden can be a pain. But this song is beautiful !
Delta Goodrem- I love you to bits

A chapter of my life | Reviewer: expainagirl | 8/28/07

"Almost Here" the two who have feelings for eachother can't be together. One is always in front of the other. The girl is trying to let go of this bond because the guy is taking their love for granted. In a sense he does his normal things, have not appreciated the times there being together or he didn't actually realise he was doing stuff that'll be making the relationship fade, "treat me like a child", suggests he didn't know what he was doing. It's like when your as innocent as a child you do things you don't know that the guy in this verse is saying "oh please protect me" as in forgive me the things i have done wrong. The girl is depicted to be sensitive about this feeling, she understands in a sense of realising this bond can't be kept long knowing the relationship have already dwelled for so long in the dark, "I'm close to tears." It'll hurt to let go but graduallly overtime the heart will heal. The girl stands strong as she expresses her feeling in this situation where she want to let go because the guy have dominated this relationship for so long. The song ends "your only almost here", not quite forever together. She stands strong!

Heard this at work | Reviewer: Woolies guy | 4/29/07

I heard this at work, realising it was by Delta I realised this was the first song she sang that actually meant anything to her. Good going at least pop is going somewhere but as for her vocals... Amy Lee has a much better voice, Delta's pales in comparison to the might of the Amy Lee voice.

Really applicable to real relationships | Reviewer: lydia | 4/10/07

I love this song, as much as I enjoy quoting it sometimes. I find it really applicable to relationships we have in real-life; either party neglects the his/her partner and their relationship comes to a sad end (or they make up and live happily ever after).

In general, this song rocks! Beautiful lyrics accompanied by a beautiful melody, performed by two matching and talented singers (:

Total disgrace - One of the worst Duets! | Reviewer: Robert | 9/21/05

I cant see what is so good about this 08/15 total uninspirational, depressing to nirvana Duet with this horrible Brian McFadden. It appears that mwany reviewers here lack the sensitivity to see this. And say that lovely Delta should feel ashamed of herself to have sung these pathetic lyrics with this pathetic Ex Westlifer Brian, whose talent is about as low as it can get - Lyrics just so dominant focussed to Brian its not funny, but real sad. His sluring attempt of singing, just giving total irritation, and profound depression, its medicre low level maybe inline with Brians typical lyrics, but Delta no...Brian should have chosen somebode else - Delta is too good, which obviously should be noticed. So thumbs down to Almost here, hoping it to dissapear as quickly as it came...As a Delta Fan, I'm disgusted beyond words!

I love it | Reviewer: sami | 8/15/05

I'v really loved this song it's lovely and has a lot of fellings
thanks for dalta and brain for this beautifull song I love you DALTA

Simply Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/05

I luv the joint vocals that they have put together. They are made for each other!!!!!!!!

ALMOST HERE | Reviewer: Rachel | 6/25/05

i love this song but doesnt it make you think that this song is about them two! he was still with kerry when they were working on it, an it was so obvious they wanted each other!

Great | Reviewer: robyn | 6/11/05

I love this song i think it is a really lovely song. I loved delta before this is the bset song shes done (i think) im glad they are a couple and hope they are happy together

Almost Here | Reviewer: Sammy | 5/16/05

Hi i luv da song by delta and brian "almost here" i hope they continue together they sound so good together if they keep going they will be the greatest couple to sing luv songs