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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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It has a real meaning for me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/09

Months ago, I listened to this song and for me it meant I should have kept trying to make things work with a certain girl. We tried but it was hopeless, and finally she went back with her ex.

Now when I thought I would fall apart in tears hearing this again, my interpretation of this song has changed and now it tells me to carry on with my life, that I shouldn't give up everything just because of what she did to me. Hearing this song again helped me a lot.

Now I'm finally free from her, and from that poisonous relationship.
Thanks Breaking Benjamin, for this amazing song.

Very good! | Reviewer: Christoffer | 7/19/09

This song and lyrics is really really well done. I can specially relate to this when everything is going against you. "I've lost my way, but i will go on until the end" it's like: "I will make it if i never give up" and then comes "the final fight i win".. and that's a so inspiring specially in hard times beacause it's like: I will make it though this, i will win". Excellent song!

the Facts | Reviewer: Avinash | 7/17/09

I like this song alot, and i've read that other people under me also think that.

I'd just want to say BB touches my heart with most of their songs.

It's like they had it all and want to share with us, that also helps me to get over my problems

It just gives u the feeling your not the only one going trough this pain.

Well BB keep it up, 'cause i love it ;D.

Best wishes, Avinash

PS. People who read this and that are going trough a path of pain and losses..,
Don't feel sad, it only makes it worse.
Anyways good luck with it.

Trudge On | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/09

Against the void everything will always be the same. However, to give up is to admit that you couldn't have done better. I know otherwise, and I keep marching on, even after everything else. People say that there's not enough drama in something when, in reality, drama is a part of life. There's no such thing as an ultimate utopia, devoid of all suffering. Even when one moves on to heaven, there's still that small part that says "I went on, they didn't."

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

I love this band, because if I listen to the songs and listen to the lyrics, it just helps me relate to whatever mess I'm going through in life. I would tell this band that their songs touch my heart, and I will always consider them one of the best bands to ever exist. thanks for saving my life, BB

A very Meaningful song | Reviewer: Ace | 6/1/09

This song puts you back on track, and I am glad BB composed it. It is really sad how people and the media criticizes the band, but really now, they're amazing. They should pay more attention to band like Breaking Benjamin, and how they impact life of others. Until the End, Breaking Benjamin will be an inspiration to all of us ^ ^
Keep rocking!

Depressing | Reviewer: Angelo Calado | 4/23/09

it's an amazing some but it saddens me cause this girl i have liked since grad 7 (when i first saw her)doesn't like me :( only as a friend and the pain is so deep that i don't know if i can go on for much longer :(

life is diffrent sometimes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/09

desolate is a good word. this song explains how i felt about someone exactly. so what ever i don't want to give up or give in so i will go on till the end sadly that is how i feel. but what can u do its life. no one is perfect. i cannot change what i feel. and on one can so this song is good just b/c of this fact.

Until The End | Reviewer: Jayhl | 4/2/09

My friend David is the one who showed me this song. I loved it instantly because of the beat and cause we sang it together...but we never really got the meaning of it until we began to pay attention to the actual words. Ever since we sang it, we took a new approach to the song. :]
Sad thing is all my memories form my past came up :*[

But everytime i hear this song. I always think of all the possibilities that may happen between us and others :D

ramble | Reviewer: Boyt | 3/23/09

It's sad to hear that Vince. If I had 3 wishes, I'd save one for you. I'm sure the band would be touched to know their music helps you cope. BB are blatently under-rated considering the lives they touch.

until the end | Reviewer: Vince | 3/10/09

I've always liked this song, my brother and our friends would jam out to it during parties. But I never knew the exact lyrics. He passed away last year in a car accident and now as I listen to the song, it helps me with the struggles of losing him.

Song analyasise theory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/09

Tbh, you could say its to do with love, or suicide or whatever. At the end of the day what does it matter? The song can relate to so many issues. For example i can like it with my eating disorder, where as others probably couldn't understand that.

Sorry for my bad spelling btw ^.^

too true | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/30/09

yah i just lost my girlfriend and i kept beating myself up for things i thought i had done, then i heard this i remembered i had other things to live for and it wasnt worth the pain. this song helped so much.

about the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

well people everyone get there own view of a song and that's one of their functions this song also helped me a lot about my depression tho never forget we all get a different view on everysong we read :) that's what is awesome about songs hehe

amazing and a life saver | Reviewer: Alimah | 1/4/09

This is the song that pulled me out of the depression that I was in. I know that I have my own meaning to the song, but it just gives me so much hope and energy whenever I listen to it. I love this song and will never stop listening to it. If I could personally thank Breaking Benjamin I would

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