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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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NASCAR 07 | Reviewer: alex | 10/7/07

the same as 1 of the people above me i have 1st heard diary of jane in NASCAR 07 i loved that song so much i baught an mp3 just to play b.b songs

this band | Reviewer: Maddy | 7/15/07

i love b.b ever since my big brother showed me them i have been a big band since everyone knew about them i like the first two albums the best. my now favorite songs are diray or jane,breathe,and so cold. i love them. KEEP IT UP B.B! =]

OMG..... | Reviewer: Thomas | 5/31/07

Fantastic, i heard this when i played NASCAR 07 for teh PS2.
Amazing, it got me into the band soooo much

- Yes, I like that. | Reviewer: Tummaenkeli | 5/7/07

I'm a huge BB fan, have been since before they released their first album. Ordered it from Canada. This is a brilliant song. Those few fans akin to me will know that Phobia has a far more 'grunge' sound that the others, but this song is still retaining the brilliance that the previous hits of Saturate and We Are Not Alone did, for example two well known hits, So Cold and Polyamorous.
How many other bands have the skill to perform an exclusive soundtrack to a gargantuan game such as Halo 2?

Breaking Benjamin | Reviewer: Me | 8/4/06

I've heard about this band for about two years no, and they are awesome. Unlike quite a lot of genric Alternative Metal clones, BB has a down-tuned, almost grungy sound in their music. The new song is quite good, but a little short. If you like this song check out Saturate and We Are Not Alone, their first two albums.

Wow. | Reviewer: Nikki | 7/31/06

I truly love this song. I had never heard of Breaking Benjamin before I heard it, and they have become one of my faveriote bands. I really like the lyrics in the song, because they mean something to mean. I cant explain it, but there is just something about the song that really gets to me. Thank you Breaking Benjamin, for being such great writers and performers.

First song I've heard from this group | Reviewer: not emo | 7/19/06

This was the first song I've heard from this group. And I must say, I am very impressed. Not really my type of music.. but after I heard "Diary of Jane". I had to get the CD

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