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I feel their emotions because I have the same feelings too | Reviewer: DONNA LEE TATE | 3/15/10

I do believe that Breaking Ben is absolutely one of the BEST BANDS on the circuit today....the songs Ben has written seems like he has been living my life and decided to write a few songs about it....the group has help me through so much heartache and pain but it has also let me feel really good about myself and let me bang my head around and sing at the top of my voice...partying like a rock star....what is so great about Benny boys music is that anyone person can relate to a song in a different way than the last person or next person....You guys are truly amazing and I hope you make it back to Baton Rouge, LA real soon, or at least to the Voodoo Fest in October(New Orleans , LA).....I love you guys...never stop rockin, never let the music die....Donna, Baton Rouge, La...:)

Thanks. | Reviewer: Worshiper | 2/15/10

There are so many amazing bands, but i find breaking benjamin incredible. I have never heard a song of theirs that confused me, either by the lyrics or the layout of the song. At times it seems like their music gets a little repetitive, but that is probably because i listen to their music a hell of a lot. It is encouraging and discouraging at the same time. This band inspired me to start a band of my own, which i am currently working on, but when i compare my work to theirs, it depresses me. I'm and the kind of guy that has to be the best at what i do, or fuck it, i'm doing something else. I also can appreciate good vocals, and ben burnley's are amazing. He has the perfect voice for the type of music he makes, which is something a lot of bands don't have. breaking benjamin is amazing.... thanks for the inspiration.

Instant love! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/10

Until a few months ago I had never heard of Breaking Benjamin- during school my one teacher sometimes plays the radio quietly as backround music. I hadn't really been paying attention espially, I thought to myself it was a catchy song but I wasn't going to go out of my way to find out about it, I was just thinking this about halfway through the song when my one classmate leaned over to me and commented "this is the best song ever! So Cold by Breaking Benjamin!" I wrote down the band name and song and when I got home I searched them and instantly loved them within the day! I will never forget the first time I heard Breaking Benjamin, my favorite song is either "So Cold" or "Evil Angel". I was so excited when I heard them because I love music but have never found a band I instantly knew were my favorite. I was also excited when I found they came from Wilkes-barre- considering how I live in PA and not too far from there. It's good to know such a great acheivment can come from a small town in a quiet state!

Big Fan | Reviewer: Dude | 9/16/09

Breaking Benjamin is one of the best bands I have heard EVER. Since we are sorrounded by rap and BS like that, Breaking Benjamin was, literally, music to my ears (no pun intended). I've been a fan since they came to the music industry and I love almost every one of there songs. My favorite is torn between Blow Me Away and Believe. I can't wait for there new album, I Will Not Bow, to come out on September 29th. BB ROCKS!!!!!

best band ever!!!!!! | Reviewer: maryanne | 5/22/09

this is my favorite band ever. i love benjamin burnley, he is so good looking. i been to their concert once and i loved it. i listen to other bands, but i always come back to breaking benjamin, i love this band, man. they really do rock. my favorite songs of theirs is so cold, diary of jane, break my fall, away, had enough, until the end and you fight me.

Just another review | Reviewer: Laura Borne | 3/16/09

What to say lol. The band is awesome, they are my favorite hands down. I first heard their song "Polyamorous" on the radio quite a few years ago, I believe it was 2001 or 2002, I'm horrible with dates, all I know is that it's the first song I ever heard by them and I loved it. I wanted the CD so bad just to hear what else they did so my parents bought it for me like the next day and I've been hooked ever since. Didn't take til like their second release like a lot of people, I've been hooked since the first time I heard the first single. I can't even pick a favorite because I love them all. It's hard to find a band where you like every song they have to keep up the awesome work and I am looking forward to a new album whenever it's finished lol.

WASSUUUP from downunder. | Reviewer: Lucus Power | 2/16/09

MAN.. BB fucking ROCKS!!!!!!!!
im so much of a fan im like the biggest bloody fan in my town mate no fucking lie!, i have every album released even the secret album with their cover songs and songs made for movies and games, my favourite cover done would have to be the Queen cover who wants to live for ever!!
i so wish i could see a live concert by these guys but like i have Qouted.. im from Australia!.. so wish you could fly here Ben!! or even though you'r afraid of heights atleast take a boat across!!!!
wish these guys could come over!! man that'd be sick i'd be the first to buy the ticket!


Insane | Reviewer: evangeline | 1/20/09

This is my favorite band ever!
I'm a huge fan, but not huge enough to stalk them and such...
The first song I ever heard was "Dance with the Devil"
It was insanely awesome.
I felt like most of the songs, like Had Enough, Breath, Topless, and Simple Design described me a bit.
I don't know how to explain.
They just do.
They relate to what I'm going through right now, and my inside feelings and thoughts.
They say what I am thinking inside, even if they don't know it.
I dedicate "Had Enough" to a few girls in my school, and "Topless"
to my boyfriend.....
It explains my confused and mixed up feelings toward him
I Love Breaking Benjamin!!

OMG | Reviewer: mema | 11/19/08

OMG!!!! breaking benjamin is the best ever i love them soooooo much u cant emmagine this!! pllllllz ben if u saw this massege plz add me on msn pllllllz ok.... first i loved until the end then dance with the devil then so cold then ordinary man then away then allllllll the songs it's really ROCKS i wish if i can c u guys:( am from tunisia every year i go there:( ok i dont wonna be selly soooo all i want u to know that
breaking benjamin

Best band ever | Reviewer: brenna | 10/1/08

I love Breaking Benjamin. My favorite is "Diary of Jane" and i have all the songs on my ipod and im getting my friends hooked on the band too. When they come over we turn the my ipod speakes all the way up and sing and dance along.
Love the tongue ring ben

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