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Wow! | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/16/11

Someone actually posted after me! I look for anyone who will talk music with me. You can find me under diary of jane post if you want to talk music john. I can be found under send the pain below by chevelle too. Not everyday i find someone post something after me.

Sorry... | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/17/11

I hate popping up so much, but ean heller's post really grabbed my attention. Your a musician you say? I play trumpet myself. It sounds like your going through a rough time. Well i'll tell you one thing, people say you'll fail but prove them wrong! I had a horrible start but now i'm considered a protetgy. Not sure if that's how you spell it. Anyways, people told me i would fail and make it nowhere. When people discourage you, their karma is your suceeding. Trust me. What people say means nothing. If you knew me you'd see how odd it is for me to be anywhere in the music world. I'm in a selective choir and i'm being compared to the best trumpet player in the district. I'm actually his girlfriend so he's helped a little. But no one can make you fail except yourself. Believe in yourself and you'll exceed. Take other's opinions and obey them, you'll fail. Harshly. I'm not saying ignore all opinions because they could help, but if it's just someone your age who has no idea what they're talking about. Well they should just got to hell. What you want and think for yourself is more important than you could imagine. I bet it's hard to take this from an 11 year old, but i'm pretty smart for being 11. Not to brag i mean. But in most aspects of my life i'm a nerd. When i left 5th grade i left with an award that said most well rounded out of a hundred. I'm a nerd until i start sports. That sucks being known as a nerd until you win a game. Because people judge you by intelligence at my school. If i had the chance, i would show those people that i don't care what they say and who and what i do is decided by me. So what if you're not the best?! If you love what your doing then it doesn't matter. My motto is, "live by what you love." Maybe showing off who you are will help. It sounds retarded but you should be glad to share it. I'm one nerd who's proud of it. Are you poud of your talent?

Back to the music... | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/17/11

Breaking benjamin gives meaning to music. John you know your music apparently. I've known who they were for years without realizing it. They are really hard to forget. It sucks they just broke up, but every good thing comes to an end. It was obvious it was going to happen. I might not agree, but it was most deffinately time.

songs | Reviewer: john logan | 10/11/11

the first 2 sons i heard were firefly and diary of jane and they honestly can get you threw any fealling you have, also until the end and will not bow are also awsom for sport songs, so thanks for the songs

Perfection in a few people! | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/26/11

When people ask,"Who would you say is a quality band?", all that comes to mind is Breaking Benjamin. My mom actually just took their cds from me cause it said damn. Yeah i'm only 11 so i'm limited, but i wanted to say,"I CAN'T HERE DAMN BUT I CAN HERE FUCK?!". But i'm not gonna get in trouble. You don't fight with my mom, otherwise you might as well commit suicide. Anyways, i used their music to actually hide from my mom (how ironic). They had songs i could sing along with and bury my feelings. They just broke up too. I would say i hope Ben finds a new band, but the line-up was perfect. I love Ben's voice and how it always fits with the emotion of the music. His lyrics are undeniable, and you never want to stop listening. But he's nothing without the other members. So what happens when they don't rejoin?Well i'm quoting Ben. He's going to be "pumping someone's fucking gas." So we'll see.

Best rock band ever!!!!! | Reviewer: Maddy from Montana | 3/29/11

No doubt, that if you were to ask me who my favorite band is to this day, i'd most definately have to say Breaking Benjamin. All of their albums are simply amazing and i listen to them of my ipod all the damn time! I always go to these guys first than any other band. Their songs are so incrediable, you just cant help but sing along with them and find some true meaning within the lyrics and awesome music. I wish i could see them live.. if they were to ever go back on tour again i'd really really really really hope they would come out west i would most definately come, no matter what! My life would pretty much then be complete. Haha, but no seriously.

Truly a fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

No need to say nothing further exept Im from Israel and I am so far away and peopol here don't listen to songs like this alot but honestly the band give me a meaning for life and I don't have that many reasons to live sooo I just wanted to say thanks just thanks

hope in small places | Reviewer: Ean Heller | 11/8/10

breaking benjamin has been an insperation for my life ive grown up listening to them and bens voice truly is one of the best ive ever heard. they inspire me to make it as a musician even when everyone tells me i will fail. to kno you have something special but not haveing a chance to use it is horrible so i take whatever chance i get now im utterly amazed that music can actually be as good as theyve made it . breaking benjamin i thank you for giveing me insperation to do the things that make me trulyhappy and i hope to one day play a show with you because you are and probably allways will be the best band i have ever heard .
Ean Heller

They are my hero. | Reviewer: Josie | 10/30/10

Breaking Benjamin is the most amazing band I've ever heard. The first song I ever heard from them was "Breath." I heard it on the radio one day and it just spoke to me. Everything I was feeling at the time was in that song. I looked them up and fell in love. Later on that year, I went through a tough time. I was dealing with depression and it was getting worse each day. It was when I really picked up my ipod and listened to their songs, I began to feel better. Breaking Benjamin's songs don't specifically have meanings, its whatever you want the song to mean is what its about. I focused that onto my feelings and it helped me get by. I can honestly say that now, I can't go a day without listening to their songs. And I can't wait until they make a new album. It's going to be kick ass !

burnley is a badass | Reviewer: carrie phillips | 3/18/10

so listen...yeah he has some phobias, but dont we all?
his voice is probably one of the most raw, actually cmoing from real talent..something i hardly hear anymore.

best band i have EVER seen live. absolutely perfect show. May i say being front row and getting a drumstick didnt hurt either. (:

A band that has NO bad albums, and im happy that i have a band i can always listen to and never grow tired of.

burnley is a badass.

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