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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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Evil Angel | Reviewer: Lee | 11/5/10

I think in my opinion this song is about already being in an underworld and the 'evil angel' is just guiding him. Either way this song has a nice rhythm, it's got great lyrics.There possibly is a deeper meaning but thats for Breaking Benjamin to decide. Nuff said.

My Evil Angel | Reviewer: brenda | 10/15/10

i love this song!! i love this guy that i have a crush on but his my evil angel. i tried to be a good person to him but he's a bad person to me ye t he tells me he loves me. Its seems like i'm trapped :(

Song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

well i dunno wat everyone else thinks but i think this song is about a guy who's in alot of despair and he wants the angel of death(evil angel) to come and take his soul and leave behind this misery that is torturing him. That's why it says "put me to sleep evil angel". The guy tries to survive and move on from his despair but he cant. It says "dont remember" and "dont surrender", nevertheless he just cant let it go and he wants to die | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/10

this song is the fuckin shit all their songs are emotional and no matter wat i will alway love breaking benjamin they are the number one band i dont think i never hated one of there songs cuz there just so good in every witch way in form.but their best songs are the diary of jane,untill the end and what lies breath. Breaking Benjamin keep doing wat ever ur doing and make more cds for the fans and we the fans will can keep listening and buying ur song and cds one love breaking benjamin and one love everyone

addiction | Reviewer: gee jay | 7/21/10

This song has always been my addiction. It finds its way through me. Everytime I listen to it, it gets me.
There's so much emotion put into the lyrics. There's so much emotion in the vocal line.
I love and will always love this song.
Breaking Benjamin, you're songs have been my true addiction for years. All of them. I love you guys!

my opinion | Reviewer: Hikaru | 6/25/10

What i think this song is saying, and i know others will think differently, but i think that this song is about being trapped by something. The evil angel. this could be loving someone he knows he shouldn't or a past sin he committed. Like i said other people might think differently. And everyone is open to their own opinion and that's mine.

Evil lover Angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/10

This song makes me think of someone loving someone else but them not wanting to love them because the one they love is not a good person, therefore the Evil Angel. And the one who loves the bad person knows they shouldn't and doesn't want to so they love with a strange bitterness but still want the bad person, who is Evil, but an Angel to them at the same time. Evil Angel.

This song means something different to everyone, no one is right or wrong, everyone just has different opinions. This is my personal favorite from my Breaking Benjamin :).

yup. | Reviewer: patches37 | 3/31/10

i dont agree with the format of this poem. there is a period at the end of each line? the author of this poem, whoever it might be, knows how to write poetry and heck, i doubt THIS was copied straight off the physical album.

Who is my evil angel???? | Reviewer: Amber | 12/21/09

I qutie enjoy this song. I have dedicated it to my Friend. But i can not help ask what the emotion is for this song. It cheers me up but then it is sad as well. Waht is the emotin behind this story? Can anyone answer me

Evil Angel | Reviewer: Notebook Paper | 11/26/09

So it might be a little cliche to say the song is about love...but I think it might just be that simple. There are a lot of different feelings in this song, and not just negative ones. It's all over the place, just like love.

And, I believe the basis for the song may actually be in Shakespeare. One of my favorite quotes from him is "Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love."

Just a thought.

Nevin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/09

@kain i'm indian and i am christian, dont give others the wrong impression.... the hell is "i'm not christian, i'm indian"

this song is for us to enjoy, and this review is not for us to interpret the song but to hit upon the musical aspects that appealed to us...

Why | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

Why does it matter what this song means to the band and if the band even wrote it? You listen to this song because you like it not because of who wrote it. The meaning of this song is what it means to you not to anyone else, and coming on here annd calling people idiots for them wanting to know is wrong. But still why should it matter, The meaning of the song will change person to person. And as for the bible stuff, that may be correct but that does not mean everyone has to believe it. Religion is only something that is around because people are forced or they choose to believe it. Fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion so just let people believe what they want too!

Evil Angel | Reviewer: NickevilA | 9/24/09

I personally believe it tells not the story of an evil angel but the story of each one of us, we all have our own evil inside us. It may seem strange that this band sings have a great impact upon me. I like all the songs. But more important is also the soundtrack of this song which is impressive.

Mark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/09

For me this song just talks about a girl that was once loved by a guy and even though their relationship changed he still loves her and that is why he has so much pain, but I think that Lonk is right, every song has a different meaning to each of us.

PD personally i think that people are obsessed with religion, and if you are a muslim who cares... you don't have to hate all the other religions... but anyway this is still a kick-ass song

My Interpretation | Reviewer: XxDarkRoseAngelxX | 9/21/09

It reminds me of a failing relationship. And please, it doesn't matter if you disagree, don't fight over what it means. That's just so childish. For one person it could mean one thing and for another something completely different. Grow up already. Sheesh.

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