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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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Rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/07

jzt simple rocks BB rocks all of there songs especially evil angel

WoW, amazing | Reviewer: Anonomous | 6/1/07

song so good omgomgomg i like Evil Angel and Dancing with the devil, so cool, keep it up B.B

EVIL ANGEL | Reviewer: EULICES | 5/21/07

THIS SONG RALLY KICK A** .Keep doingyour best thing and eep kicking ass.

Awesome | Reviewer: dk123_04 | 4/30/07

breaking benjamin are my fav band.. they've so many songs.. there all amazing.. i can't decide.. but if i had to it'd be, Diary Of jane, Dance with the devil, Follow me, Evil angel, and blow me away.. just gotta love the halo2 sound track :)

Beautiful | Reviewer: Metal Head | 4/27/07

One of their best songs. Nice feel to it. Gotta love Breaking Benny! ;)

Ahh! Help ME! | Reviewer: ~Switchback~ | 4/26/07


Really, I can't decide between all of their songs, which is my favorite. Help! They are all extremely good! Especially this one!

A Work of Ethereal Art | Reviewer: Sammie | 4/26/07

Evil Angel, as well as the rest of the songs on Phobia, is one the best songs out there! The way Breaking Benjamin describes how a person feels after a loved one/friend leaves them and how they can relate it to the PASSION is ingenius! You can tell that the hurt and the pain is there, but it's the betrayed love that causes the most damage.

Well... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

what can be said? Breaking benjamin hasn't let us down yet, this sure as h*ll isn't an exception, now is it?
Wikked awsome!

BEST SONG EVER!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/07

Simply Beautiful!!! Not only this one but all the songs from the new album! Thank U B.B.

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