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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

well i wont judge on what others believe and their opinions..but if i remeber(i could be wrong) but i always thought Evil Angel and the album phobia was kind of about the lead singers phobia of flying or something..and i just thought this song was like, kind of saying what its been like for him having this phobia..or so i heard..

Evil Angel... Death? | Reviewer: Mamie Jones | 12/28/08

this describes me so well... i was in tears the first time i heard it. the way i see it put in mind Death (evil angel) and asking death to take me, while the lies and pain (imaginary friends) encourage me that to die is the only way and nothing can save me (hoping to find a savior) but still wanting to live at the same time... this song continues to dazzle me everytime i hear it...

Breaking Benjamin's awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

I'm a songwriter myself and I can't tell you how much this song has inspired me or how much I agree with this song. The lyrics are great and have a lot of meaning behind them. I think this song is about someone who is a Christian but finds himself surrounded by people who don't believe in God and has to live through faith alone. A lot of my songs have a similar meaning to that. I REALLY agree with the 2nd verse. It's sort of saying that people are driving the nail through Jesus Christ and betraying Him still hoping to find a savior by not believing in Him.

evil angel is flippin awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

one of their best songs yet, just awesome, i'm an artist and this song inspires me so much, whenever i hear this song i can start drawing again and it just clears my writiers block this and dance with the devil.

d[-_-]b | Reviewer: Caprica | 11/12/07

this song always gives me images of my ex-boyfriend because he was like an evil angel i love this song all there songs play little stories in your mind i love it i love b.b d[-_-]b

fucking aswome | Reviewer: kaz aryz | 11/6/07

this is by far the best out of all their songs thats my choice it's so awsome I got a cool video to go with it it's fucking awsome

i love breaking benjamin!!! | Reviewer: nicole | 10/3/07

this song is the best, i have gone to all breaking benjamin's concerts and i actually have been backstage, with Ben Burnley, he is so cool, and they are such a great band in fact this is my favorite song ever and i have listened to it over 350 times and i never get sick of it, so keep it up B.B, I LOVE U GUYS !!! JK LOL, LATER!!!

Evil angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

This is the BEST SONG from one of the BEST bands, truely moving there need to be more songs like this!!!!!! i fully agree with OMGOMGOMG!!!

about the song evil angel | Reviewer: amanda | 9/4/07

I never really got into this kind of music till by ex bf played it for me , i fell in love with this song now that we are no longer together the song always reminds me of him its a great song in all ways love it!!!!

wow. | Reviewer: melissa | 8/23/07

this is like the best song and breaking benjamin is like the best and one of basically my favorite band.
you guys effing rock.
im going to see there concert sooo HAH. <3333
keep rocking onn.

------ About the song Evil Angel performed by Breaking Benjamin | Reviewer: harry potter fan | 8/22/07

it was really good but in my option blow me away was alot better

DUDE!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/07

if anyone has read "scar night" by Alan Cambell then this song would (and im sure youll agree) be its theme song.

if you havnt read the book, certainly do! oh and "carnival" is the evil angel in my eyes!!!

love it! | Reviewer: Jessiie | 8/12/07

omg this is like my favourite song, keep playing it over and over, it captures you so much!!
Rock on Breaking Benjami.. <3

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

Beautiful, and touching to the heart and soul. They should make more songs like these.

Simply Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/07

Best song on the album in my opinion.
They're songs just seem to play stories in my mind, and this one is the deepest and darkest song they've got on Phobia.

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