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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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:) | Reviewer: sarah <|3 | 7/28/07

I absolutely adore this song, the frist time I heard it was over the radio. Once the first verse kicked in, I turned the radio right up. The song always leaves me breathless, and I almost wanted to cry after I heard it. Breath is an amazing song. <3

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Tessa | 7/22/07

This song is really awesome! Everytime I hear this song it amazes me because there is so much emotion sung in to it..Breaking Benjamin is an awesome band!! It was this song that confirmed it for me!

<3 | Reviewer: Chels | 7/18/07

I've never left I review for a song before, but I felt the need to leave one for breath. There is just something about this song, it touches so deep. If you haven't heard it you need to!

Just perfect... | Reviewer: Mauro | 6/23/07

Such energy and such feeling in a song that just takes us along...very moving and real, on much of the true relationships we have!
As I said before...Just PERFECT!!

Lova'. | Reviewer: kjkldja | 6/20/07

This song is cute, man. I like it. I don't like the band, so, naturally I don't like their songs, but, this one is cute. [=

WOOT WOOT! | Reviewer: captain anonymous | 6/5/07

I just REALLY love this song.
It used to be dance with the devil but then i heard this and I definitely think this is on of THE best songs they've ever made. Like, ever.

yea! | Reviewer: Ryan | 5/31/07

Another damn good song from a damn good band. I love Breaking Benjamins

The song.... | Reviewer: Rose | 5/23/07

One of the best songs ever written! I love it and can definetly connect to it. I love Breaking Benjamin!

AMAZING | Reviewer: brittany | 5/15/07

the first time i heard this song i was hooked. it was truely the most amazing song i have ever heard and i love it....i want to go see them soon...any info please

benjamin. | Reviewer: Just me... | 5/13/07

this song will get me through anything.
the lyrics are so powerful and mean a lot to me right now.
breaking benjamin is amazinggggg.

there is one mistake | Reviewer: robertj | 5/10/07

see nothing in your eyes
And the more we see the less I like
Is it over yet?
In my head

is really

see nothing in your eyes

and the more --->i<---see the less i like

is it over yet ?
in my head

replace we for i and its great

OMG | Reviewer: Lauren Wasserman | 5/10/07

I love this song!!! It really connects to my life of how my ex boyfriend and I get along even though I broke up with him!!! I LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great | Reviewer: Anka:) | 5/10/07

So sacrifice yourself
And let me have what's left
I know that I can find
The fire in your eyes
I'm goin all the way
Get away, please
I LoVe Breaking Benjamin

nothing to say | Reviewer: Anthony Z'sler | 4/23/07

Pretty much read the other reviews already posted they say it all. This song is very moving and very well written. Yes i would say it's their best so far. Go buy the album.

WOW!so motivating | Reviewer: Sye | 4/17/07

this is one of their best songs ive heard from they r so different from other bands they have a different sound,like if you were 2 hear songs from other bands you can see they almost have the same sound but Them Breaking benjamin have a complety different sound that ppl Actually like Luv this song and all their others all There songs seem to grab me and juss keep me their for a long time they r juss amazing and this SONG!!

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