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Performed by Breaking Benjamin

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Animorphs | Reviewer: Zarohk Korobase | 6/18/11

Actually, this song can also perfectly cover the relationship between Rachel and Tobias in the Animorphs series. They are obsessed with each other, and are both "taken away" at different points, blinding the other.

RahXephon | Reviewer: Kyle | 8/31/10

Dude, this is so about the anime RahXephon. This kid winds up finding out that Tokyo's been covered some weird time-bubble thing by a race called the "Mu". Eventually he starts realizing little things. Like the fact that he hasn't aged in a really long time, or seen most of his friends who happened to be on holiday when Tokyo was attacked. He then finds a giant Mecha called the "RahXephon" and beats the shit out of the Mu, leaving the time void behind. (The robot flies by the way.) The Mu have a special trait, Red eyes and Blue blood. This kid finds out he was chosen to save Tokyo WITH the mecha, but he denies it and tries to run away and lead a normal life, but he finds out that his body is slowly changing into one of the Mu. (Somehow.) The more he sleeps, the faster the change. Anyway, he eventually realizes his destiny and returns to Tokyo. Only now he is FULLY Mu, and he kicks some alien ass. THE END.

Away, and beyond | Reviewer: zumer7 | 6/3/10

I think that this song is about two people that love each other, and the girl is diing. He is triing to help her through it, but the thought of being alone is suffocating him, and he hates to see her leave him. His withdrawal from her does not go unnoticed, and she starts to back out. He decides to make things work, but has no time left for it, because she is about dead.

Meaning | Reviewer: Cor-man | 9/28/09

I believe that this song is about a man and a woman who love eachother but fight as hard as they can to fight it because it is wrong to them, so he tells her to leave because he is holding her back but eventually when she descides to go he realized he loves her too much and then tells her to come back to him, because he needs her as much as she needs him...

Open meaning | Reviewer: Mike | 12/14/08

It does sound like it's about a relationship but to me it sounds even more like it's about something or someone that just wont go away who's capable or destroying someone. Whether it's a male/female who lost interest or alcoholism. The best thing about music is that whatever the song is about you decide what the lyrics mean to you. That's just my take

Possible Meaning? | Reviewer: Alexander | 11/16/08

I have a complete blind guess, but I'm guessing the song is based on this guy and there was this girl that he used to go out with and really loved her. But something happened and their not together anymore.
And he is having a hard time because he seems to see her everywhere "I see you, cause you won't get out of my way." And she talks to him and acts friendly around him.
He still want's her and knows if he doesn't do anything she will find someone else for sure.

Overall I think it's a relationship thing like a One Shot relationship, it goes wrong but there's still hope left.

Amazing<33 | Reviewer: Hana | 6/18/07

The lyrics are very simplistic which in my opinion makes this song work so well. Breaking Benjamin are without a doubt my favourite band in the world and if you do not know of them or dislike them...then you clearly dont know true talent and musical capability. Breaking Benjamin for the world<3 [=

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