you don't know her like i do..... | Reviewer: Amberly Coats | 5/2/12

you don't know her like i do, is amazing. you took the exact words out of my heart and made them into a song, with 10 million hits.
EVERY word in this song is exactly how i feel for christopher roy hardiman. when we broke up i felt awful i didn't care about anything anymore but then the chorus to this song changed my story around. everyone was like you'll get over him, it stops hurting, uhhhh no it don't...... you'll don't know him like i do, you'll never understand & you don't know what we've been through, yeah that boy's my best friend and there's no way your gonna help me. he's the ONLY 1 WHO CAN. no u don't know how much i got to loose cuz u don't know him like i do. exact words in my heart. I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPHER ROY HARDIMAN & BRANTLEY GILBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garret bell | Reviewer: garret bell | 3/1/12

hey man you dont know her like i do is one of the best songs you have wrote,and saving amy that song is amazing ive been trying to write songs if wrote a few of thim i am hoping to make it to nashvil one day man your my idol,i told one of my buddys we were sitting around the creek bank and we were listning to out in the sticks and i told him ima be the next brantley gilbert ha well i hope you read mine man keep up the great work man