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i love ur voice | Reviewer: brantley fan | 8/12/14

omg ur music is a big part of my life there aint a day that goes by i dont listen to ur music:) u are truly an amazing man and u sure are a sexy thing:) i just bought ur new cd an i must say i love it:)

YOUR A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Heather Fladie | 5/30/14


rock on | Reviewer: justin | 3/14/14

You rock brother. Im from northwest indiana. Going to im evansville in may cant wait. I have been through ups and downs in my life the past few years and wanted to thank you for the music. It really has helped through tough time. See u in may!

I LOVE Brantley Gilbert | Reviewer: Chilo | 3/11/14

Im your biggest fan ever!!! I know almost all of your songs and i listen to you every day,there's nothin that would make me happier than to see you in person i wish you would come to Jacksonville. I'm alot like you i have punched mirrors i've broken picture frames i still punch holes in the walls although i have just patched up the holes i am still tempted to punch it! Im a all country girl i love mud but i love you more!!!!!(i havent been to one of your shows but,i hope to one day you are my FAVORITE!!!) Most people see me as a hick because i always have my boots on ,i go to the barn alot,i love the country,and most people make fun of my accent. Im am bipolar im like a sour patch kid im sweet 1 second then im sour another! And like i said earlier it would be AWESOME if you came to Jacksonville!!!!
Love you alot
Your biggest fan Chilo

i agree | Reviewer: Chilo | 3/9/14

I agree with you Bree i do the same thing on all of my papers i school and my math teacher always yells at me for it. Also i was raised in Georgia and its nice to know that i have the best country singer (in my opinion) behind me!!!!

Third time is a Charm | Reviewer: jeanna | 2/26/14

I just love your music and ambition... I live in Michigan but drove to OSU to see you the first time. Every person there knew the words to every song, just as I did. I saw you again opening for Tim McGraw in Detroit. Again, we all knew every word to every song and the response to you was Greater than the response for Tim. I am so looking forward to coming to your "Let it Ride" Tour in Grand Rapids Mi in May. I have my VIP ticket and am counting down the days... Best of Luck and Success on this tour. Travel safely

Absolutely amazing | Reviewer: Shelby | 2/17/14

I just saw you in concert Saturday, it was truly amazing. On top of being extremely talented, you are a complete badass and I love that you have no problem with it. You talked about being a respectful gentleman and how you would beat a guy for laying his hands on a woman, men like you are why women like me love us some country boys. I love your new songs and will definitely be buying your cd on May 20th! I've always wanted to be a singer and you have shown me and everyone that it is possible even when you think it's not. Oh and being such a badass is also a huge turn on, I think everyone would agree with that haha.

Older Generation | Reviewer: Lora Selix | 2/15/14

Brantley, I might be old, 57 in March but I adore you and your music. My favorite is "Bottoms Up" and I have everyone at the office hooked on your music as are a very talented young man and as cute as they come...

i love you brantley!! <3 | Reviewer: madalyn | 10/9/13

brantley gilbert your the most amazing person on the face of the earth!!!!your one of the only country musicians that actually make their songs have a meaning anymore!and plus, you're a complete hottie!! jana kramer ais a lucky gall!!

i love u♡ | Reviewer: diana | 8/13/13

Dear brantley gilbert.... . I thank u are great country singer and support your country roots wonderful ... ... and i would love to see y you ou in concert relly bsd for my birthday.... im a rebel country girl from the south . And i would like to tell you that you support country southern hertitage and if no1s evr heard about you from the south there crazy. And i want you 2 no .. uve impiriered me 2 name my kid in the future brantley . Bc shes my kinda craxy was my first live song and has soo many memories with my bf. He askd me out with your song ... i love what your doing and great job .. keep up the good work . Im from south carolina in a smsll town called blackville .

Brantley Gilbert is my inspiration. | Reviewer: Amberly | 3/26/13

Dear Brantley, I'm naming my son after you! Your a inspiration to me, foe the way you live life, put life through your songs, love,forgive, never regreat anything that once made you smile && how you take every chance you get.. All of your songs are great, but you don't know her like i do, really hits home with me.. it's word for word what i've been going throught, been in love with the same guy for 4 years now, && he barley even knows my name. still in love with him, but get treated like shiz everyday, i just can't seem to break away. I mean that boy is my best friend && there's no way anybody's going to help me, he really is the only one who can, && peolpe will never know how much i've got to loose, because they don't know him like i do.. those words are like a dagger to the heart... realllllly amazing job with this song!!! (: i love you Brantley && congradulations with Jana, hope all goes well && i'm proud to see that you found what you were looking for. -Amberly<3 ps............. Christopher Roy Hardiman, if you come across this, i STILL love you.........

Concert In Kuwait | Reviewer: Mr. Dave | 3/25/13

You played for my Army son and I thanks you. He enjoyed the music and posted his thanks on FB right after you played. Thank you and our USO for your service.
Dad of Army Son, Dustin

reviewer:alex raborn | Reviewer: alex | 2/6/13

Dear BG I am a huge fan of yours, i am from hazen arkansas not to far from little rock. I saw you play at barton collosuem for the first time an it was awesome.I just wanted to let you know that you are the awesomest person in the world i love your music,because i can relate to it because i am a country boy.I just want to thatn you for being you. BG all the way

Your My Inspirtation(: | Reviewer: lauren | 1/22/13

hey Brantley gilbert I seen the mistakes you have made and realized you got up and changed your life I'm going through some pretty rough times right now and i'm slowly but surely getting on my own two feet I just turned 18 years old on August 10th of 2012 and I have had a rough past and I realize what you have been through and realized you got up and made a change to better yourself when I feel down I always listen to your music because your voice is sooooo soothing and it helps me relax and calm down and it makes me cry on some songs but every once In a while it's what I need i'm so grateful for you realizing you could be famous because there are so many people out there that are looking up to you I know I am my dream before I die one day is to meet you I have posters and everything of you I just think your so good lookinh and such a gentle man that I don't understand how your single but hey it's your life not mine gosh I hope one day I can walk up on stage and meet you and just have a hug from the biggest inspiration in my life god bless you and have a good day(:

P.s Love The BG Nation(:
Love Always
Lauren Elizabeth Brantley(: <3

You idiots | Reviewer: Maciain | 1/6/13

I love brantly Gilbert but this is a biography people. Somebody else wrote this. If it was brantly Gilbert himself that wrote this it would be an autobiography. Therefore 90% got your hopes up for absolutely nothing.

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