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Performed by Brandy

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my Brandy best song ever | Reviewer: Benjamin Amusah | 3/18/13

Ure an inspiring and amazing singer,song writter,great female entertainer,the message u pass across through ur music is ownsome.I've been heartbroken twice,and I'm still without some one I can true call my love,but ur songs r always telling she is on her way.GOD bless u BRANDY

Wt cn i say wow | Reviewer: Red rose | 11/7/12

Ive been inlove alone 4 so long,crying n prayin every nyt dat thngs will change until someone came into my life papiky his love is pure im glowin each n every day everynyt he hold me n tell me he loves me his love is so wow n dis song say it all abt my life n ill lyk to say thnx

my favourite song | Reviewer: ismail | 2/23/07

This is forever gonna be my best brandy's song, i've always been a fan of brandy, babygirl, u are great,i just can't do without this song, everyday of my life, thanks for that, and keep it up.
Love ever!!!!

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