U r and always will b | Reviewer: S,rey | 2/19/13

What do I have to do to get u in my arms.. What do I have to say to get to u'r heart.. Two make u understand that I need u next to me.... [[It says it all]] if you see this,, u know who I'm, u know who u r..... The man I love that does not love me... bb

cammelia | Reviewer: cammelia | 3/22/12

oh..... Brany u mke collapse coz dis song it exatly talkin to m.... I waz in lv wit dis guy his nym is junior mkhatshwa, hes de one who stole my heart away, I dd give him everyting he 1nt 2 mke him undrstnd dat I do but I ddnt knew dat m in lve wit a playa...... Den after we've split I met dis boy his is (Thabo jozina ngomane ), he wz de 1 I thougt dat he will b m soul made bt I wz lying 2 my self coz de day we wer about 2 meet, he wz cming wit excuses..... So den we split coz he wz mo dan cheating .... Bt I still remembr him nd lso dream about him... He is lwys In m mind bt I knw god will help m nd bring him bck....... Love u brandy ..... U remind m my past wit dis song.....

WHYYY??? | Reviewer: KIS | 1/23/12

ugh. my boy. he is my best friend on the planet. a blessing and a curse. he thinks we're cool and bffs and such. but it hurts so God damn much when he tells me about all the girls he likes. and i cant help but wonder if he wonders, too. i miss you, nate. i miss the REAL you.

Yes i've | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/11

Ohw i rly luv this song coz i've ever loved this guy so much bt only 2 fnd out dat he wont gve his hrt 2 me..i tried so hard 2 mke hm undrstnd bt i faild..bt evytym i listn this song i calm down

Have you Ever | Reviewer: Iyun Joshua | 1/28/10

Their is this woman I fell in luv with, she mean the whole world 2 me, it all started as 2 good friend, gradually, it leads 2 un-explainable feelings. But it seems she doesn't love me the way I do. I love her because I've built my world around her.

YES I HAVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/10

I love this song so much! Brandy, girl its like your in my heart and mind and am speaking for me. Me and my daughters father have been split up for almost a year and ive been trying to put my feelings into words and cant. This song does my feelings justice. I hope he gets things together bc he IS my world and Im having the hardest time living without him! :(

042509 | Reviewer: brokenxheart | 12/25/09

Its good to read these comment and relate to them. i met this girl exactly 8 months from today. we started out as friends and i never expected it to grow into sonething more. now its over. its been 2 months and i still cant get over her. i dream about her every night. it hurts so much because she wants nothing to do with me. she "doesnt communicate with exes". now i realize how much i love her. i should of told her when i had the chance. if you like this song "never meant to be" by samantha mumba is good too. take care. be patient. love will find a way.

Have You Ever | Reviewer: Scott | 12/18/09

I am in love with a woman that I want to be with. I cry all the time and don't sleep because I can't be with her. We love each other but she is with someone that loves her and she does not want to hurt him and other things as well.....We love each other more than anything and every time we begin to talk about meeting each other we end up going quiet and go off to cry....I Love her with all my heart and soul and I know she does me too.....

chris | Reviewer: sarah | 8/11/09

his name was chris and he is my friends boyfriends brother and we were playing the gamecube together and hes 15 lives in texas and he started liking me i started liking him but he didnt like me and i still cry about it at night

You'd do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You'd give anything up to make them feel the same

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/09

omg. i luv diz song ya'll,,,,it is so deep and makes me so relax and free verytime i listen to it. whenever i have problems with ma bf or anyone around i alwayz listen to it to calm ma nerves,,,,,thakns brandy , u rock it gyal

am ifeomafelics | Reviewer: ifeomafelics | 3/21/09

girl are said to be the pape of life, but boys are worst, there was this guy i loved so much, justbecos itold him that i was to go to abrod to school, this guy brok my heart and left me, thinking i was going to brake his heart when i get over there,but before he told me i was alredy dwon with him and found it hard to corp with it, but there is nothing i can do about it, than to just pargege my self till God send another God sent or till we meet in the feature. cos that just what i belive, cos i just hav this feelings that we are ment to be forever.

Haters Stop Hatin | Reviewer: Bridgette | 2/25/09

Yes all you girls out there this is the right song to listen to when you're in love and yes this is the correct website to visit if you need someone or something to pour your heart out to. Don't listen to some of these frauds on here frontin actin like they dont feel a certain way but lets be honest who gives a damn about how they feel and what they say they arent in you they dont know what your situation is to tell you you're dumb or nerds shit for all i know they are dumb when they dont know how to spell but anyway im just here to let you know . . . fuck a hater and get you're man

I've ever... | Reviewer: molie | 1/30/09

This song describes a feeling i cannot tell him... The song questions me and i did answer to myself that yes i've ever... I've ever loved someone so much. I don't care about to know his heart back...

this song explains my life. | Reviewer: jul | 1/27/09

oh wowww, this song seriously explains my situation...
im only in 9th grade, but i think i found the one.
im extremely mature for my age and ive learned to sort out all of the stupid little guys my age.
i think i fell in love with the most gorgeous, generous kid on the planet. he is not a player AT ALL, and is utterly amazing. ive known who he was since 8th grade and always drooled over him, but never got to know him. now i know him and im certain he is the one. the song says Only to find that one won't give their heart to you...
thats how it is.... he wont like me... im a little freshman and he is a senior.... idk what to do.. i need him to like me as much as i like him.... i believe one day it will happen..

I know how you feel girl | Reviewer: Carlisha Littlejohn | 12/17/08

OMG i love this song it makes me think of my one and only even though he has a girl but one day he will realize who wh wants and that will be ME Have i ever loved sombody so much? YEA and im gon get him NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!