the best sentimental song! | Reviewer: kaye ann | 7/18/07

compilation of all sad love songs! speaks about the reality of loving someone who doesn't love you back.. and it hurts so much... no matter what mood you are in, this song voice out what's inside your heart...

it's so me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/07

well it shows my feeling.
how i love this guy and then i know that he wont love me too.
this song is so touchy.and i cant hold my tears when i hear it.if the questions are "have you ever?" then i will answer "ofcourse i have ever"

Amazing | Reviewer: SomeOne (Bella) | 7/1/07

Today is the first time I heard this song since Middle School! I showed it to a guy I like and I don't even know what to say.. This song is amzaing.. Rather u like or love someonee..


*tear tear* | Reviewer: anonymous | 6/27/07

i have this boyfriend that barely even calls me anymore nd i think hes cheating on me but i dont know if i should let him go cuz im so in love with him nd i dont think he feels the same for me nd wen i listen to this song i feel like crying cuz i guess i just have to wait until he falls in love with me like im in love with him

cool song | Reviewer: tee | 6/12/07

this song is amazing,thanks to brandy.i can really really relate to this song.i'm in love with this guy so much but i don't think he feels the same way abuot me.all i do is listen to this song.

Boy, Have I ever! | Reviewer: Brittany | 5/23/07

This song has held significance to me since me and my ex broke up 9 months ago, and now its even worse because now we're just FWB and it sucks cuz id give anything to just hear him say "i love you". I cried myself to sleep many nights wondering about him... god, i'm in love with that boy....

it hurts to know he doent feel the same | Reviewer: tina | 5/17/07

i was with this boy for 2 years, all of a sudden his family moved away, we were so in love with eachother. so we tried a long distance realationship for 5 months. it didnt work. we barely talk now, he moved on...i cant! and it kills me to know he doent feel the sam anymore... how can i gain his heart back? but even if i dont have his heart i just want him to know that he'll alwayz have mine:(

this song, defines amazing. | Reviewer: sameria | 5/16/07

i love this song, its so amazing. whenever i was going through a really bad time with derek this song jsut happened to be there, and i can relate to it on so many levels. I also love her song sitting up in my room, i keep thinking about you, i must confess im a mess for you! those are my songs and i love brandy. shes amazing. my idol.

Pretty song | Reviewer: Chasity | 4/21/07

Yes, I have been in love so bad lol No not really but I have been in love with a guy named Michael but Anyways love ur song girl u should keep writtig ok peace out gurl

sigh~~~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/07

the 1st time i listened2this song, i was driving..tears just cant stop rolling..cos i had a critical problem wif my bf...n this song jus hit me!!gosh...but nw...its finally over...
Now..i met a new guy...n i realized hes really special...n he touched my heart deeply w/o him realizing...n i wanted him2know how i felt4him...but he said he still misses his ex.... so...all i have 2 do is to wait...
"What do I gotta do to get you in my arms baby
What do I gotta say to get to your heart
To make you understand how I need you next to me
Gotta get you in my world
'Cuz baby I can't sleep"

I know how much love can hurt u & making u cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/11/07

Im in love with this one guy.....He's awesome!!!! Well we've spend couple days & nights together....& it was a great time!!
He's defently the man I would love to be with. So i've told him about the way I feel for him & all he said that he dont want to be with me..cuz he dont feels the same way about me...not yet!!well he said that all we have is a special friendship with potential.I love him so much that it makes me cry everyday, I just cant forget about him.All I do is listening this song right now....This song says excactly what I feel now & the way I feel.....

so heart breaking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/06

This song is truly amazing.I CAN REALLY RELATE TO THIS SONG.I,m in love with this guy so much ,,but i don't think he feels the same way about me.Even if he would tell me he loves,and we're for eachother.I would do just about anything to explain and make him see how i feel about him. But the true thing is never express all of your love to someone in a relationship because they tend to take it for granted..and that's how i feel my love is being taken for..

i can feel this | Reviewer: melanie | 4/18/06

the lyrics to this song can relate to almost anyone, especially me. the intenisty of brandy's feelings while she's singing really show heartache like i'm feeling at the moment. this song is heart-wrenching and truely wonderful.

This says it all! | Reviewer: jenny | 2/11/06

Just heard this song in a movie. Just met someone and this song
says exactly what I feel for him. This will surely become OUR

its a killer song | Reviewer: Ozkan Kose | 1/8/06

I listened it this morning for the first time and i began to cry . The feeling in this song is just on the top. Although i didnt understood every single word (my english is not so good) i really felt it.