True love | Reviewer: Elaine | 1/2/06

anyone who has really loved can associate with Brandy's song "Have you ever." When I hear it I can feel my first love deep in my heart. This song is an expression of deep, true love. The kind of love that hurts.

how bad you want this guy | Reviewer: melanie teniente | 12/21/05

the song is like a good song its like trying to say that you love this guy so much youll do about anything to get the this guy and spend your life with him like im trying to do

I love Have You Ever by Brandy | Reviewer: Mercades | 6/7/05

I love this song. It expresses how guys don't give girls a chance because of their looks or because of a certain thing. I think this song explains how bad a girl could want someone and they don't want nothing to do with that girl! This song is the best!!!