Brandy | Reviewer: musiclovinchic,Retro | 2/28/13

Brandy has proved to be more than a solid artist from day one and keeps growing.
I had the luxury of seeing her in concert during her early career and was impressed and became a fan for life!
Brandy has a mature, raspy, yet sweet mellow voice that can transcend into various genres.
Aphrodisiac is a smooth follows up from Full Moon.
The tracks on Aphrodisiac flow well together fusing playfully fun dance tunes with soft sexy melodies that serve as Brandy's signature style.
Aphrodisiac earns a star grade of B; not Bran’s best body of Work, but certainly ranks high on the entertainment radar of great Artist and music creativity.


nozipho | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

B-Rocka kicks arse! period! all her albums are a hit. and she just gets better with every album she produces. her song are the it thing. you guys should try it for yourselves. the songs will be plying up in your head long after you listened to her songs. that's how good she is.anyone who has bought her masterpice albums, they are not regretting it. i'm the living proof. try it out you guys! afrodisiac, full moon, never say never and you'll be blown away! period.

Well Done Brandy! | Reviewer: beagi | 7/12/05

I had never really like Brandy's voice until I heard the amazing and gorgeous tune Afrodisiatic. After that I just thought 'Wow!!!! I am soo buying her new album!'

I was not let down.

An excellent Album Brandy, well done! My fave song is either Afrodisiatic or Sadiddy.

Excellent for any peeps who love r'n'b, but then again i always liked pop - until I heard this...

well done Brandy! You have done yourself proud!!!

bravo brandy | Reviewer: hassan sene | 10/19/04

your album is beautiful.thank u so much

Loved it | Reviewer: becca | 7/24/04

i bought this album a few days ago and didnt really think it would be as good as i thought her 3rd album 'Full Moon' was. but i was proved wrong i listened to the album and couldnt turn it off it is a great comeback and follow up from her full moon album.Her voice suited the songs she sung which made it even better to listen to. this alub is very r'n'b that features artists like Kanye West and T.I. i am a big fan of brandy and if you are to this is definatley a must buy but if you're not really into her soulful voice or your not into r'n'b then this album probably isn't for you. i hope you found this helpful