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Phenominal. | Reviewer: Heather | 11/7/09

First off, I love how Brand New has such a passionate following. You see the same fans from show to show; often in tears. Jesse Lacey's haunting lyrics and painfully distorted guitars give me chills. He is a brilliant lyricist, an absolute genius who you feel like you can catch at some local dive bar in chucks and an old hoodie. No gimmicks, no glam. This band is incredible.

hey cortney | Reviewer: bree | 5/19/08

hola wow i was introd to BN through a guy i liked too! they are pretty freakin amazing huh? wow 6 years thats a long time to have listened to them, ive only known about them for a year but i went to their concert back in nov and it was amazing! i love how not too many people know who BN is, its like a huge underground band! jk

Omg I love them | Reviewer: Cortney | 4/21/08

wow i posted a comment a couple years ago, but of course i am still not tired of them...i love the whole band..they have the most amazing songs...especially could anyone hate their music? only stupid people dis brand 17 now and i have been listening to them since i was like 11 or something because of a guy iliked mentioned them to me

ageless. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/08

i first listened to brand new when i was 12, accidentally buying their CD instead of the Foo Fighters. shallow, because they weren't physically attractive (to my 12-year-old taste), and their music didn't have a catchy tune, i abandoned them entirely. a year later, i picked up the CD that haunted the back of my closet and was a "good $20 wasted". i put it in the player and listened to the WORDS... and everything came together. 4 years later, and i'm still listening to them. it's ageless. they can't get old. their words can never lose meaning.

bree: devil & god cover | Reviewer: steph | 1/23/08

the cover represents a friend of jesse's who has schizophrenia.
the little girl represents innocence, or god, and the two people dressed in the costumes represents the devil. it's showing that when you have schizophrenia, and you hear the voices in your head, it's two voices battling against each other.. or..
'the devil & god are raging inside me'
this just proves once again that jesse lacey is a freaking genius.

mad excitement | Reviewer: Jess | 1/15/08

It's so cool how universal everyones feelings are for Brand New. I have loved Brand New for years now, "Seventy times 7" drew me in and every song after that kept me wanting more. Haven't seen them live yet due to moving around to much. But I will be seeing them play in 2 days at Big Day Out in Auckland. Can't wait, its a dream come true. I'm counting down the hours.

limousine | Reviewer: tracy | 12/31/07

i went to my first brand new concert a few weeks ago. The song limousine is by far my favorite song. it is about a 7 yr old girl named katie flynn who, in a limousine on the way home from her aunt's wedding, (where she was the flower girl with her 5 yr siter) was hit head on by a drunk driver. she was decapitated. The 65 yr old Limo driver, stanley rabinowitz was also killed instantly. i live in long beach where katie was from and went to her wake and funeral,as well, i used to go to her school. I love brand new for writing this song and must say that every time i hear it i cry. <3 BN!!!!!!!

omgggggggggggg! BN is AMAZING! | Reviewer: bree | 11/6/07

kay so i just got home from seeing BRAND NEW, thrice and mewithoutyou! brand new kicked major azz! jeese was amazing! his voice was a little rough at the beginig but what do you expect he just hat two concerts the night prior. anyways the drums were insane, there were two huge sets and a giant base, it was sooo loud, i found out the meaning of jesus christ well kinda jesse said he wrote it in his basment for his friend. so that kinda proves its not so much about jesus and christianity but i still believe it is. they played so many songs i tried to remember them all in order but there were way too many. they opened with a song i didnt know really them with guernica, millstone(which i went crazy for!), archers, o holy night, then the most amazing jesus christ and them idk what came next but dang that seriously was the best night ive had in a very very long time! oh yeah jesse explained the song coca cola and said it was about his brother coming back from Iraq and him meating a guy ryan who seemed normal but was part of the crw in a hellicopter and killed many people. im kinda disapointed that they didnt play the boy who blocked his own shot cuz that is my second favorite BN song of all times, well so far, but yeah they didnt play some songs i had hoped to hear but oh well

it was an amazing concert and anyone who can go to one so SHOULD!

brand new | Reviewer: kevin scott | 10/9/07

brand new is in houston at the warehouse on november 17th and 18th. anyone who lives in the general area should go and come prepared to be blown away.

really the best band i think | Reviewer: bree | 9/30/07

so im going to their concert in LA with my boyfriend in november and i cant freakin wait! brand new is amazing i just cant contain my excitment! I hope they play the boy who blocked his own shot! and obviously jesus christ. so yeah idw to wait a whole month to go! so anyone else been to one of their concerts? love yall bree

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