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Performed by Brand New

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Pressure | Reviewer: Vagina Hurts | 1/9/12

This song isn't about rape at all, if a guy doesn't want to have sex he won't pop a boner. You know how hard it is for a girl to rape a guy? This song is basically how nervous the boy is feeling about basically entering the world of adulthood. Because really what separates a boy from a man?

"He's wet from head to toe..." can either mean he was still soaked from the rain outside or he's sweating

Relatable. | Reviewer: L | 10/25/11

I relate to this song so much, it's basically about someone being pressured into losing their virginity. Also losing it because you like the person even though they might not like you back.
I thought the guy I lost it to wanted a relationship with me and liked me, that's why I lost it to him. But like the song I was the lamb, he was the slaughter, he was only looking for sex.

homnomnom | Reviewer: Emma | 4/4/11

Actually, the lamb part is referring to the popular story, "Lamb to the Slaughter". Basically, it means he was nothing but a tool to her. And yes, it is about losing your V. It's not really about rape, it's about the pressure some people (usually in high school) get about the whole sex thing. He loved the girl, and finally got her, but he felt that she only wanted sex; Something he wasn't prepared for.

Relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/11

I tried putting all the Brand New songs I could relate to on a playlist.....I may as well have just browsed by artist instead of wasting the time moving all of them individualy to a different folder.

Kitty-kat's input | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/11

the part about "He's a lamb, she's the slaughter" depicts that she's willing to sacrifice him for what she wants... and I do believe it's rape because the boy obviously doesnt like it, and just because he goes along with it doesn't mean it's not rape. He just wants to make her happy because he loves her.

Glory does fade | Reviewer: Michael | 12/1/10

I love this song because i was close to a girl to she was my best friend and i had known her for 3 years and one night before she moved away she wanted to have sex i didnt really want to but she kept at it and i just gave in. And its weird because i can still remember it like it was yesterday and it happend about 2 years ago and this song reminds me of how i felt and even if i tried I probably couldnt forget it,we stopped talking to eachother last year now i wish i would have said no bcause now i lost my bestfriend

glory fades. | Reviewer: Samantha | 9/5/10

i feel this song is most likely about a boy who is trying to follow his friends when it says he is a lamb but then agian he actually has feelings for this girl and wants a relationship but all she wants is ass so hes just tryin to go along with it to fit in while its hurting him at the same time.

What this song is about, my take on it. | Reviewer: camshaft | 8/19/10

I think that this song is about a boy who really loves a girl, or atleast really cares for her. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but just as a really good friend who he's really close with.

But she keeps pushing him for sex, because she doesn't care for him the way he cares for her. She is just horny and is just in it for the physical.

I think the anonymous reviewer on april 9th came the closest when he suggested the song is about a guy being raped by a girl. Its not rape, but he just wants to know her, and she just wants to use him.

I think the most significant line is "She's moving too fast, all he wanted was to hold her."

About 6 months ago there was a girl who I was really close with, and was really hurt by a bad relationship with somebody else. I just wanted to comfort her, to hold her tight and to tell her everything would be okay. But, when we were at a friends house she led me back to a back room. I just wanted to comfort her, but she just wanted to get off. Our relationship has been broken ever since. And that's where this song fits in.

I didn't really want to, but if its what she wanted maybe it'll be okay... and then the overwhelming affects of being with her like that. Its just like the song goes "The fever, the focus [...]the tickle, the taste of..." It was just like that, the smell, the taste, the feel of her, still sticks with me.

It's like drinking honey.

And that's when the last of my innocence died. [..."the act becomes the art of growing up."]

And that is what this song is about. And it breaks my heart.

ThisIsSoMessedUp... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

I believe the is depicting a boy who is only lokking to lose his V just soo hes keeping up with his friends...the song mentions "he is a LAMB" i reckon that he is acting like a sheep in the way that he is following everyone else...

.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

I didn't sit here and read all reviews so I'm not sure if it was previously mentioned; however, does anyone else see possibility that it could be about a male being raped by a female? Or does that idea sound too extreme for the lyrics? I would love feedback! Amazing song, Thanks : )

I love this band. | Reviewer: a | 3/17/10

"He whispers that he loves her,
but she's probably only looking for sss..."

This reminds me of something that I believe would have happened if I would've pursued the guy I was interested in at once. I would've lost my virginity to him and I'm so happy that I didn't..

idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/10

yes we're young, just because your old and had a shit life because your probably an idiot isn't our problem. just because your a cheap, and easy loser who doesn't take sex seriously doesn't mean it isn't a serious matter for people who are actually interesting in things such as spirituality, appreciating life's mysteries, and keeping certain things sacred. So yes, I'm quite worried. on the other hand I couldn't give two shits less if someone robbed me for 400$, stole my car, etc. So yeah people worry about different things. get used to it.

my oh my | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

you kids are so young. just wait till you find out how your all going to get fucked over and jacked in so many different ways over and over again buy so many different people. if you could only imagine. and your worried about sex. hahaha

greatness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/09

I can really relate to this song. The second time I had sex was with this attractive girl who I wanted more from. The first time was just to get it over with. We were at a party and she was the pushy one even though I initiated the make out and later she took off my pants. She just wanted sex and I wanted more needless to say it didn't work out. I have the view of only having sex with girls that I want a relationship with now but sometimes you're drunk and it happens. You just admit it was a mistake and go on.

Brilliants | Reviewer: R.E.D | 7/19/09

This song reminds me of me at 15, I was going out with a girl for nearly a year, in that year I never touched her or wanted sex, my mates were ripping me on a daily basis because I hadn't "done" her, 1 night I stayed at her house, she wanted sex, I didn't, but I did it anyway, I enjoyed it, but I wasn't ready..... As it turned out I am gay, and very happily in a relationship, I love brand new, I have the words Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades, on my right arm, x

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