Reviews for Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't Lyrics

Performed by Brand New

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Not quite right | Reviewer: J | 4/28/13

The reviewer below would be right with his theory but Timebrwolves and Tell All Your Friends was released in 2002 and Okay I Don't Believe You and Deja Entendu was released in 2003, so they are wrong. Nice theory though.

song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/11

this song is about a girl he was with and the singer of taking back sunday. basically the singer of brand new(jesse lacey) was going out with a girl who ended up leaving him to go out with the singer of taking back sunday. if you listen to timberwolves in new jersey by taking back sunday youll see that this song was meant for taking back sunday to hear and the taking back sunday song is in response to this. some of the lyrics to timberwolves in new jersey are: "here are the words on the tip of my tongue and my eyes looking down the scope of the barrel of a gun" meaning the tommy gun in this song. Jesse Lacey is saying he wishes the singer of taking back sunday would come down with something they cant diagnose and wants to believe in his ex and him that they have something

Haptic. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/10


Ohhhhh, it's sooo c-c-c-contreversial.

Mr. Lacey is indeed handsome and smart.
I think many people wish they'd written those words down.

damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/08

he is a lyrical genious. i think he's trying to let the world know he is in love with a girl. but he is the disease that is holding her..and he has to cruel to himself and stay away from her so that he can't retrieve her any longer

a lil play on words? | Reviewer: eric | 10/21/07

i thought the lyrics went "every song is a BOUT who i dont want to write about anymore" a little play on words that they threw in there to tickle the ears.

bout = fight.

just my 2 cents

ok i believe u but my tommy gun dont | Reviewer: bree | 9/9/07

i really like this song, it so edgey and cool. the lyrics are so different and fun. over all this is one of my favorite brand new songs love yall

Wow | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/8/07

I listen to this song over and over again.
and it is still amazing every time.
It is a good song to just look at the lyrics and then reflect. It makes my heart a little softer each time I hear it.

7/3/07 | Reviewer: Kara | 7/3/07

i thought that the words went:

this is the GRACE only we can bestow
we were CONTENDERS........not contending

i don't really care this song is the greatest no matter what. this is my favorite song, the lyrics are so amazing that you can't help but falling in love with them. brand new's other stuff is amazing too, but i have to say that this song just has something about it that grabs you and doesn't let you go. i love when he says
this song is the best

7/03/07 | Reviewer: kara | 7/3/07

i thought that the words went:

this is the GRACE only we can bestow
we were CONTENDERS not contending

either way this song is freaking amazing!! this is my favorite song because of the lyrics, they're genious. my favorite part is when he says OH, MY TONGUE'S THE ONLY MUSCLE ON MY BODY THAT WORKS HARDER THAN MY HEART who would have thought to say that, it's truly amazing! i love brand new

lyrics of the songs from brand new | Reviewer: sharon | 6/11/07

the lyrics of brand news songs are just unbelieveable really people listen to any of their songs,they are a really great band and not really known but soon they will be.there lyrics are wrote by jesse lacey and no words can describe how good they are,my advice is just LISTEN.

Fucking Awesome Song | Reviewer: sophie | 6/1/07

this is one of my favorite songs of all time because it is just so wonderful and it brings back so many memories of this past summer with my friends in a 1984 red volvo! that car is the shit! kudos to brand new i love you guys

Nice | Reviewer: MAte | 5/24/07

I think that this song really shows how close love and hate could be. At one time you're the greatest guy to a girl and suddenly you turn into the worst... that's just life paradoxal situation. Great song!

Just...GOOD. | Reviewer: Cameron | 5/7/07

Not emo...GOOD!
fuck...if jimmi hendrix wrote this you would worship it...thats what pisses me off the most. Great lyrics...the music isnt to difficult, but that doesn't always mean the song is just okay.

my tongue's the only muscle on my body that works harder than my heart | Reviewer: shep | 4/21/07

this song is one of the best on this cd. i love the it starts out slow and then speeds up so spontaneously. its an amazing and the lyrics and the lyrics aren't bad either. i love brand new

what now | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/25/07

its good, possibly even great. the only song i can ever say i've loved

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