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Performed by Brand New

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*Hmm | Reviewer: Gina | 12/29/09

Personally, I think that Jesus Christ is used as a profanity in this case.
If you replace the words with any swear word, it has the same affect as when he's saying Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a favourite swear word of mine, so personally, I think it's about someone's frustration with God, and kind of giving up on believing.

At any rate, it's not a preachy "God is wonderful" song and thank goodness. Because I'm an atheist and Brand New is my favourite band and I couldn't stand if they were really goddy.

lion taming | Reviewer: D | 12/23/09

This song mean a lot to me so I thank you all for having some great points of views. I do believe though in the verse that reads "But I’ve had some time alone to hone my lying technique" The words should be "lion taming". There is a powerful story in the bible that tells of a man Benaiah who chases a lion to defeat it. This is a metaphor for those who have the strength to face their fears no matter how deadly.

jesus | Reviewer: curious | 12/21/09

there is a part in this song around 3:42 that has another lyric being sung in back of the lead vocals and i have tried everything to figure it out with no avail. i am hoping that someone out there knows what the lyrics are. . .

Quit thinking so much, people. | Reviewer: Alex W | 12/16/09

This song is entirely about loneliness, and that's that. It's about a guy who is confused by why God has let him down so many times, and is no longer contemplating what life is like, but rather what will become of him after his life is over. He's worried he did something to anger God, and is seeking reason for his loneliness and depression.

So, all in all, don't think too much when listening to this one. In this song's case, it means so much more at just face value.

Explicit | Reviewer: Tom | 12/5/09

Does anyone think that if you replaced the words 'Jesus Christ' with 'Fucking Hell' that it would seem a different song?

Fucking hell thats a pretty face....
Fucking hell i'm alone again....

Im not trying to be a douchebag here - I just always thought that the words 'Jesus Christ' were used as an profanity in this song!! Maybe he's taking the 'lords' name in vain....?

Who knows anyway - I care not for religion, but think this is a really nice song - Whatever the lyrics are about!

cmon guys. | Reviewer: oinonheim | 11/30/09

Have u guys thought that maybe Jesse just wanted to write a song? Or maybe he was just sad and decided that writing like this would express his feelings in a deeper way then just writing a concept song about how he legitimately feels. I write songs for guitar like this and i found that the less direct way of making a point about your feeling us by using an outside influence, one that the listeners can relate too.

life | Reviewer: kat | 11/7/09

i really enjoyed this song and i think it accuratly mirrors the beliefs of most people.
we all wonder these things sometimes. like why are we here, when will jesus come for us or if there IS a jesus who will come and save us or if theres nothing after our lives our done. i think the song was made just to mirror those deep thoughts we all have at some people but then again i am not the artist so i can only speculate. it really is a beautiful song and im sure it has inspired alot of people other than me

brand-new | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/09

it's about struggling about beliefs and what happens when you die...he;s saying jesus died and came back and was resurrected but he's afraid he's going to die and it's just going to be nothing and its going to last more than three days it's going to be for eternity

wow really | Reviewer: u kno who | 10/23/09

Personally i believe that this song is about a guy who is thinking about what happens after death. do u go to a "heaven" or is the end of your life simply the end.
Quit the religon debates @$@#% really its a song and worship songs in my opinion are all plies of @#$#

Boob | Reviewer: poopoo | 10/19/09

i really think people are over analyzing this. I'm not inside his head so I don't know forsure obviously but i don't think its as religion related as people are saying. If anything, its about him struggling with religion. maybe he was a believer but now he's questioning it. or vise versa. I don't like to think one of my favorite artists wrote a worship song. gross.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Blake | 10/16/09

I think this song was written in a certain view point. But I believe that its such a mixed and diverse view, that its all up for interpretation. It was written so masterfully that it is up for the listener to discern their own message from the song.

naked | Reviewer: billy taylor | 10/9/09

this guy has come close to getting naked in front of God. he is letting it all out, taking off the loin clothe and everything, when will we quit hiding, when will we get real with ourselves and God and be exposed totally in his presence? i dare you

we have never met but please someone read this. the whole thing | Reviewer: jade | 8/27/09

Is many and most have commented on, this song more than likely is written from a non-believer. But the twist is (in my view) that he was raised with the knowledge of God in a great part of his life. There are people who say they hate christians but who they are really hating are the hypocrites. I am in love with Jesus.and the thing is I'm completely happy. Yeah I have bad days because this is a wretched world we live in, but I'm at peace knowing every day where I'm going at the end. It means I can go through my little life and when things get bad the one who cares the most can hear my silent cry. We all cry inside and noone around us can understand what we feel. Its depressing. But why hate a true christian? The most sweetest ppl I've met have been christians, I mean the real ones not hypocrites. The lord says you can tell if they are a saved by their actions, and what they speak. For a long long time I said I was saved, but I was a hypocrite. I hated on ppl was rude and selfish just a down right mean and bitter person, I used to slit my wrists because my home life was too much. I felt ugly, unwanted. My mom left us, so many things. But I'm free from that worry.. The only reason I am writing this is because I really do care for every one. I honestly truly do. Every one is absolutely beautiful to me because the lord God made you. If you have read all of this thank you so much. I hope whatever point in life you are in that you never forget me. That sounds weird I'm sure but I say that because if you are crying inside I know the feeling, and want you to know that God is real. The only way I could care about others this much is because the holy one lives in me and has changed my life. I hate no one. So please don't hate me. If you want to email me my link should be at the top :)

Awe Inspired | Reviewer: Morgan | 7/19/09

This song above any other has always been considerred my favorite song. I'm a person that listens to so much music, it's almost ridiculous, and to be able to pick one specific song to be my favorite song surprised me at first. But if you just listen to it, and take in everything it has to's honestly life changing and eye opening. I was forced to go to church when I was a kid and I think it ruined the way I feel about it. I believe in God, but not so much church. This song is about questioning beliefs and it's heart wrenching. It's beautiful in so many ways...

One perception of many... | Reviewer: Cel | 6/30/09

"Do you believe you're missing out?
That everything good is happening somewhere else
But with nobody in your bed
The night is hard to get through"

I myself, like many others struggle with their faith and what Jesse Lacey had written here, gets to me, like this...

"Do you believe your missing out?"
-Many believers of Christ try to do the right thing, try not to lose self control and go out and party and sleep around and do what the rest of the world seems to be doing these days, so by this it's literally, do you believe your missing out?

"That everything good is happening somewhere else"
-Because one sacrifices so much to live in the good and please the Lord, one struggles when they're alone in their stance. One struggles when they're personally trying to do what's right by not comitting sin they ways many others are casually doing. . . And so one questions, are those people really having fun, am I missing out on that? Is everything really happening out there across these boundaries?

"But with nobody in your bed
The night is hard to get through"
- and without anyone for that person to hold and stand strong with, one questions would it just be the cure to go out and find some one for the night, because it sure is hard to get through the night with those thoughts when lying alone.

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